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Screenshot of Pyribbit from Kirby: Triple Deluxe
Debut Game Kirby: Triple Deluxe
Last Game Team Kirby Clash Deluxe
Other Game(s) Kirby: Planet Robobot
(Team Kirby Clash)
Similar to Magman, Flame Galboros;
Fatty Puffer (physical apperance)
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Pyribbit is a Boss from Kirby: Triple Deluxe. He resembles a giant horned toad, though he bears a crown and has no arms. He can also swim and survive in lava and can breathe fire, along with the ability to cause tremors and summon lava waves. Pyribbit is the boss of Triple Deluxe's fifth Level, Endless Explosions, and it is also battled in Royal Road Stage 4 and in The Arena.

Pyribbit makes his first appearance when Kirby enters the boss door of Endless Explosions. After he makes his way inside, Kirby sees the giant frog-like monster sleeping. Taranza then throws a rock at Pyribbit, waking him up. Kirby catches the rock in his hands as it bounces back at him. However, Pyribbit assumes Kirby did it since the latter is holding the rock, and they face off.

Game Appearances

Kirby: Triple Deluxe


The following lists all of Pyribbit's attacks in Story Mode and The Arena in Kirby: Triple Deluxe. Attacks in italics are used in the second phase of the fight only.

Attacks - Normal
Attack Description
Burning Spin Pyribbit charges up, then hops toward Kirby and unleashes a ring of fire that spreads across the ground, leaving a couple stars in the process.
Tongue Strike Pyribbit dives into the lava, then he pops his head out and back in a couple times, getting closer each time. He finishes by shooting his tongue out at Kirby, which, if it hits, will cause Kirby to hit the screen and lose his Copy Ability.
Boulder Bomb Pyribbit jumps into the lava, then spits out a large boulder at Kirby that can explode. The boulder can be inhaled with concerted effort, and swallowed for the Fire ability. In the second phase, Pyribbit will shoot these from one of his pillars, and may shoot more than one at a time. If the boulders explode on the ground, they will leave lingering burning spots.
Ricochet Slam After performing an attack from the lava, Pyribbit can return by jumping high into the air, then landing after an extended period of time. He then starts bouncing between the foreground and background in a chaotic display that can be tough to avoid, leaving stars on his final landing. In the second phase, his ricochets become more numerous and chaotic.
Wave Attack Pyribbit jumps to the volcano, and roars, summoning a wave of lava with faces on it (resembling Magman) which sweep toward the stage, covering most of it in the process. The waves leave stars after each pass. If Kirby is hit by the waves, he will be knocked into lava in the foreground for additional damage.
Fire Breath Pyribbit charges up and releases a burning pillar of fire from his mouth that covers most of the stage and leaves stars on impact with the opposing wall of the stage.
Screen Char Pyribbit breathes fire at the screen, leaving a blackened char and making it hard for the player to see clearly, then he spins around while still breathing fire to try and hit Kirby. This technique breaks the fourth wall.
Eruption Pyribbit jumps into the volcano, causing it to erupt and fire him out along with many large boulders that then rain down onto the stage. When Pyribbit lands, he leaves stars. He will then jump straight back into the volcano to try two more times.
Lava Fountain Pyribbit charges up and gushes lava out of his crown, creating streams that pour down on both sides of him. He then spins around while the streams are still going, leaving stars when the streams dry out.

Pyribbit spends most of his time time off the stage, which can make him difficult to hit. As such, his fight tends to last longer than the prior bosses' fights. In his second phase, Pyribbit summons four stone platforms out of the lava that float in the air, and a volcano in the background. These become fixtures for Pyribbit to perform more attacks from.

Upon defeat, Pyribbit gets knocked into the background lava pit, where he then surfaces and starts roaring. The pillars the boss summoned during his second phase then inexplicably fly in toward the crying toad and crash into him, burying him beneath the surface of the lava and destroying him. The Grand Sun Stone emerges from above for Kirby to collect.

Pyribbit DX

Pyribbit DX
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Pyribbit DX is fought in DededeTour! by King Dedede and in The True Arena by Kirby.

Team Kirby Clash

Pyribbit appears as the fourth boss of this Sub-Game in Kirby: Planet Robobot. He fights in almost exactly the same manner as he did in Triple Deluxe, but his health is much greater, to serve as a challenge for four Kirby warriors.

Team Kirby Clash Deluxe

Pyribbit is encountered twice in this expanded spin-off title. The first is nearly indistinguishable from the fight in the original, apart from the fact that he can now eat the Kirbys like he could in Triple Deluxe. The second encounter plays out much like the DX version of the fight, though with some moves altered.

Pyribbit serves as the third Ordeal in his first encounter, and defeating him unlocks the Empyrean.


  • In terms of the way he looks, Pyribbit closely resembles Fatty Puffer from Kirby's Return to Dream Land. They also shoot pressurized liquids out of their mouth: Pyrribit uses fire in his case, while Fatty Puffer uses concentrated water as his breath weapon.
  • Pyribbit is actually in the lava pool in the background of his arena when the rematch with him in Royal Road starts, making him the only boss in that game to change their starting location.
  • Unlike the other bosses that Taranza conjures and/or empowers, the only thing Taranza does to aggravate Pyribbit is to throw a stone in his face. Additionally, during DededeTour!, King Dedede simply trips and his hammer flies into Pyribbit DX's face, which initiates the battle.
  • His English name, 'Pyribbit', is a portmanteau of the words 'pyro' (a Greek prefix for fire) and 'ribbit' (an onomatopoeia for the sound many frogs and toads make when croaking). This reflects the fact that the boss is a fire-breathing toad.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ヴォルゲロム
Derived from:
  • ヴォルケイノ (volcano the English word)
  • ゲロ (onomatopoeia for frog croaking in Japanese)