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Primal Awoofy

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Primal Awoofy
KatFL Primal Awoofy screenshot.png
Screenshot of Primal Awoofy from Kirby and the Forgotten Land.
First game Kirby and the Forgotten Land (2022)
Copy Ability None
Similar entities Grandy
Related entities Awoofy
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Originull Wasteland is the birthplace of the Beast Pack, so it's no wonder the Awoofies found there are more wild than their far-off cousins. They're more aggressive in every way, from their bark to their bite. Their primal ancestors must be pleased!
— Figure description from Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Primal Awoofy is a wolf-like creature which makes its first appearance in Kirby and the Forgotten Land, and is a variant of the common Awoofy. They make their first appearance alongside King Dedede in An Unexpected Beast King, and can be found in stages thereafter, largely replacing standard Awoofies. As opposed to their orange counterparts, these members of the Beast Pack are grayish-brown and white; they are also larger, with scruffier fur. Like Awoofies, Primal Awoofies are primarily quadrupedal, but can often be seen standing upright when looking around or holding still.

Primal Awoofy's general behavior is to sit in place, patrol a given area, or sleep until Kirby gets close enough for it to spot him. When this happens, Primal Awoofy responds by running after Kirby at a modest speed, aiming to hurt him by collision. Some members within the Redgar Forbidden Lands will function as lookouts which will proceed to howl and call for additional enemies should they spot Kirby (the one that does so in The Beast Pack's Final Stand simply does so attacking). Primal Awoofy has more health than its normal counterpart, but it can still be inhaled easily, though it still grants no Copy Ability if swallowed. Primal Awoofy is worth one Star Coin when defeated.


Primal Awoofy can be found in the following stages:

Primal Awoofy locations in Kirby and the Forgotten Land  
Stage Appearance? Stage Appearance? Stage Appearance? Stage Appearance?
Point of Arrival No The Tropical Terror No An Unexpected Beast King Yes The Beast Pack's Final Stand Yes
Downtown Grassland No Welcome to Wondaria No The Wastes Where Life Began Yes In the Presence of the King Yes
Through the Tunnel No Circuit Speedway No Searching the Oasis Yes Lab Discovera Yes
Rocky Rollin' Road No Invasion at the House of Horrors No Alivel Mall (Staff Side) Yes Forgo Plains No
A Trip to Alivel Mall No The Wondaria Dream Parade No Moonlight Canyon Yes Forgo Bay No
The Brawl at the Mall No Danger under the Big Top No Collector in the Sleepless Valley No Forgo Park No
Abandoned Beach No Northeast Frost Street No Enter the Fiery Forbidden Lands Yes Forgo Horns Yes
Concrete Isles No Metro on Ice No Conquer the Inferno Road Yes Forgo Wasteland Yes
Scale the Cement Summit No Windy, Freezing Seas No Burning, Churning Power Plant Yes Forgo Zone Yes
Fast-Flowing Waterworks No The Battle of Blizzard Bridge No Gathering of the Beast Council Yes Forgo Land No


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ゲンシガルルフィ
Genshi Garurufi
From「ゲンシ」(genshi, the katakana spelling of「元始」meaning "primal") +「ガルルフィ」(Garurufi, Awoofy)
Chinese 原始加鲁鲁菲
Yuánshǐ Jiālǔlǔfēi
Primeval Awoofy
Dutch Oer-Woefel Primeval Awoofy
French Ouafie primitif Primal Awoofy
German Ur-Kläffi Primal Awoofy
Italian Auuufy primo Primal Awoofy
Korean 원시 으르르피
Wonsi Eureureupi
Primal Garurufi
Spanish Guaufy primitivo Primal Awoofy