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Phantom Tropic Woods

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Phantom Tropic Woods
KatFL Phantom Tropic Woods Splash Screen.jpg
Splash screen for Phantom Tropic Woods from Kirby and the Forgotten Land.
First game Kirby and the Forgotten Land (2022)
Relative(s) Tropic Woods
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This phantom in the form of Tropic Woods has grown mysteriously strong under the illusory sunlight of Forgo Dreams. Do you think its coconuts are illusions too? Wonder what they taste like...
— Figure description from Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Phantom Tropic Woods, titled Illusory Fronds, is a more powerful illusory form of Tropic Woods which appears as the boss of Forgo Bay in Kirby and the Forgotten Land, and can also be fought in The Ultimate Cup Z in the Colosseum. Phantom Tropic Woods looks and fights largely the same as its real counterpart, but has a different color scheme, with bright purple and magenta accents, particularly on its foliage.


Phantom Tropic Woods has all of the same attacks as its normal counterpart, though some have different properties, and also sports a few new ones. It also has more health than Tropic Woods, having 2,000 HP in Forgo Bay and 1,400 HP in the Colosseum. It transitions to the second phase when its health is at 50% or lower. It takes 0.2X damage during phase transitions and takes 0.8X damage during the entire second phase.[1]

The following are all of Phantom Tropic Woods' attacks (attack names are from the Kirby and the Forgotten Land Perfect Support Guide). Attacks in italics are only used in Phase 2.

Phantom Tropic Woods' attacks in Kirby and the Forgotten Land  
Attack Description Notes
Tropical Coconut Drop
Phantom Tropic Woods drops large coconut boulders from its canopy. The coconuts impact the sand and then explode after a moment, leaving a Dropped Star behind, and can be inhaled with enough time.
Gordo Drop
Alongside coconuts, Gordos can also be brought down from Phantom Tropic Woods' canopy. The Gordos bounce after dropping, and linger for a moment.
Bursting Air Bullet
Phantom Tropic Woods breathes in and spits out three Air Bullets at its target in succession, traveling forward a moderate distance before dispersing and creating a ring of small bullets that spread outward. The air bullets can destroy the dropped coconuts.
Fence Maze Challenge
Phantom Tropic Woods first roars, pushing Kirby all the way to the back of the arena. Then it brings up an entire maze of fences that hem Kirby in and create lots of Dropped Stars. While the walls are up, Gordos will continually rain down from the canopy. There is a path through the maze to Phantom Tropic Woods. This attack always comes out first in the second phase.
Tropical Growing Great Growth
Phantom Tropic Woods sends out four large snaking roots that tunnel through the earth and fence Kirby in, creating Dropped Stars whenever they pierce the ground. These can be destroyed by attacking them. If not destroyed, they will eventually be withdrawn. Each root has 120 HP.
This attack always comes out second in the second phase.
Super Tropical Breath
Phantom Tropic Woods breathes out a huge wall of Air Bullets that spread out in an arc. Kirby cannot avoid this by jumping over or dodging through on ground level, so he needs to stand on Phantom Tropic Woods's roots to gain enough height to jump over the bullets as they pass through. This attack always comes out third in the second phase.
Tropical Breath
Phantom Tropic Woods breathes in and lets out two waves of air bullets that travel in arcs.
Fence Wall
Phantom Tropic Woods brings up a large metal fence to guard part of its trunk, causing two Dropped Stars to appear on the sides when it pops up and knocking close attackers away. Attacks toward the fence will be deflected. The fence drops down after a while, typically being redeployed in a new position soon thereafter.


Video gallery[edit]

Video playthrough of Kirby battling Phantom Tropic Woods in the Colosseum.

Names in other languages[edit]

See Tropic Woods for name explanations.
Language Name Meaning
Japanese 幻国樹げんごくじゅ トロピカルウッズ・げん
Gengoku-ju Toropikaru Uzzu Gen
Exotic Phantom Tree, Tropical Woods Phantom
Traditional Chinese 幻國樹 熱帶大樹·幻
Huànguóshù Rèdàidàshù Huàn
Phantom Country Tree, Tropical Woods Phantom
Simplified Chinese 幻国树 热带大树·幻
Huànguóshù Rèdàidàshù Huàn
Dutch Flora-illusie, Tropic Woods-fantoom Flora-illusion, Tropic Woods-phantom
French Palmier illusoire, Tropic Woods spectral Illusory palm tree, Phantom Tropic Woods
German Illusion-Wutwedel, Tropic-Woods-Phantom Illusion-Fury frond, Tropic-Woods-Phantom
Italian Fronda illusoria, Tropic Woods spettrale Illusory fronds, Spectral Tropic Woods
Korean 환국 나무 팬텀 트로피컬 우드
Hwanguk Namu Paenteom Teuropikeol Udeu
Exotic Phantom Tree, Phantom Tropical Woods
Spanish Palmera ilusoria, Tropic Woods espectral Illusory palm tree, Spectral Tropic Woods