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Kirby's RtDL Level InfoBox
Cookie Country.png
Screenshot from Kirby's Return to Dream Land.
Level Nr. 1
World Pop Star
Stages 5
Energy Spheres 13
Lor Starcutter Part Oars
Mid-Bosses Sphere Doomer (1-1, 1-4), Gigant Edge (1-2)
Boss Whispy Woods
Super Abilities Ultra Sword (1-1), Monster Flame (1-4)
Level Progression
First Level Raisin Ruins -->
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Level 1: Cookie Country is the first level in Kirby's Return to Dream Land. Cookie Country is a rather grassy level with trees and vegetations, typical of first levels. The boss for this level is Whispy Woods. There are 13 Energy Spheres in this level, three each in Stages 1, 2, and 3, and four in Stage 4. Completion of the boss battle yields the Lor Starcutter a set of oars. In addition, Magolor will open the various side-rooms of the Lor Starcutter for Kirby to use, such as Challenge Stages.


Stage 1

Kirby walks along at the beginning of Stage 1.

Section 1: The first stage can be described as somewhat of an introductory stage, with signs with directions on how to execute basic moves scattered across the stage grounds. The first section of this stage begins with a rather straightforward path to the first door. The first section contains a few Waddle Dees, along with a Blade Knight.

Section 2: After proceeding through the door, the second section of the stage is reached, which is underground, with more enemies, such as Cappies. Here, a Key is required to unlock a door leading to the first Energy Sphere of the game, and to the rest of the section. A 1Up can be found behind a block which requires a Super Inhale. The second section then separates into a hidden area with a Red Star, however some blocks need to be removed by inhaling before Kirby can access them. The second path upward leads to the door to the third section.

Section 3: The door leads above ground again and consists of a downhill straightforward path leading up to a Super Blade Knight, which Kirby must inhale in order to obtain the Ultra Sword Super Ability. From there, Kirby must remove several clods of dirt using the Ultra Sword, as well as some common enemies before encountering a particularly large clod of dirt, which if destroyed, will yield a portal to an dark, alternate dimension.

Alternate Dimension: The rift wall approaches from the left as Kirby must traverse through a path with several obstacles and various sized Waddle Dees, along with a section with gaps that must be run through, before finally reaching the door. From there, Kirby encounters 2 Copy Pedestals, Fire and Sword to choose from, before encountering the first (Regular) Sphere Doomer of the game. After the Sphere Doomer is defeated, Kirby may recover two more energy spheres, thus completing the energy spheres for this stage. From there, Kirby can get out of the alternate dimension and continue up to the stage exit (though there is an extra Red Star far above the completion door).

Enemies, Mid-bosses, and Abilities

Regular Enemies Mid-Boss

Abilities Super Ability

Stage 2

Kirby cuts a rope to get a Blue Star in Stage 2.

Section 1: The stage starts out with a area with a ladder leading up to a large wooden bridge, with a few Leafans (flying enemies that look similar to Foleys) around the area. From there Kirby has to cross the bridge decked by several types of enemies before reaching a Warp Star that will take him flying through some very nice scenery.

Section 2: The star lands Kirby atop a new wooden structure in the midst of a dense forest. To the left are some stars, and to the right, Kirby will find a Cutter Copy Pedestal past a bottomless pit. From there lies a relatively straight path with several Comos, along with other enemies such as Bouncies, followed by a series of platforms suspended on ropes (cutting one of them will lead Kirby to a Blue Star). Kirby may then proceed through the door at the end of this path.

Section 3: The door leads to an interior path leading downwards, where then Kirby can find a Bomb Nozzle to shoot various enemies, and eventually break some metal blocks which cover a switch that will raise a bridge over a bottomless pit, allowing Kirby to continue with the Nozzle. Doing this allows Kirby to use the Nozzle to break away a metal block barrier in the ceiling to obtain the first Energy Sphere of the stage. Just beyond this lies the door to the next section.

Section 4: The door leads to the hollowed interior of a large tree trunk. A Needle Copy Pedestal lies on the first platform from the bottom of the trunk. Kirby must traverse up the trunk filled with Waddle Dees and Cappies, with the occasional gap to the side, one with food, and another with a Maxim Tomato. As Kirby moves higher up the tower, a Waddle Doo and more Comos can be found until the door to the next section is seen at the top. However, Kirby can go to the far right and find several stars, as well as another Energy Sphere hidden in the canopy on the top right corner of the screen.

There is a hidden door in Section 4 that leads to a side chamber set with a coastline in the background. In here are a couple of Comos and an Invincibility Candy.

Section 5: The door leads to an open section of the wooden structure. Below, a choice can be made between a Fire and Beam Copy Pedestal. To the right, Gigant Edge appears to ambush Kirby. Swallowing the Gigant Edge will yield the Sword ability, which Kirby needs to cut a rope further to the right that will allow him to access the third and final Energy Sphere of the stage. Past an alcove with additional food items lies the stage exit.

Enemies, Mid-bosses, and Abilities

Regular Enemies Mid-Bosses


Stage 3

Kirby enters the deep cave section of Stage 3.

Section 1: The stage starts out with a pretty straightforward path above ground, with a lone Sparky defending it, that leads to a Bomb Block. Breaking it will lead to a downward path to the door to the next section.

Section 2: The door leads to an underground chamber, with a ladder going down a shaft. The ladder leads to a zig-zagonal cave section, guarded by Shotzos. On the third path across, a Copy Pedestal for the Spark ability can be found. From there the downward path splits into two paths, one infested with Shotzos, and the other ones with an ample amount of stars that can be easily passed through using Spark (however the Shotzo path also contains a red star toward the bottom). Going farther down will lead to a door to the next section. However, if Kirby goes down a little further, the first Energy Sphere for the stage can be found.

Section 3: The door leads to a deep blue cave, adorned with crystals, stalactites and an azure pool in the background. A Blade Knight guards the path to the right, which repeatedly shifts up and down. As the path continues, bottomless pits must be avoided, and various other enemies, including a Leafan must be dispatched. At one point, a barrier in the ceiling conceals a 1Up; this can easily be obtained by breaking the Bomb Block associated with them. From there, a Super Inhale Block is encountered, which Kirby can use to break open an alcove with some food in it, though he has to be careful not to hit a moving section of ground that may get in the way. Past a Hot Head, a switch will open the way to the door to the next section.

Section 4: The door leads to a narrow passageway with a Waddle Doo and a Copy Pedestal for the Beam ability. As this cave progresses, Kirby will encounter Shotzos atop blocks that can be removed to send them falling into bottomless pits. An Energy Sphere is located behind a locked door, and to the right are a series of moving platforms over a large pit, with various enemies guarding it. Kirby will need to move past this pit and grab a Key on the other side, then backtrack with it without falling into the pit to unlock the door and get the sphere. From there, Kirby must traverse through a tunnel with more Shotzos and enemies, where a bomb block protects some food. Then comes a stepped area that with Shotzos on it; this problem can be alleviated by breaking the bomb block, causing all the Shotzos to fall, but turning the stepped area to a series of platforms that will lead to the door to the next section.

Section 5: The door leads to another narrow cave, with numerous pointy spikes on the floor to the right. A switch opens to a larger section of the cave, but a CarryDee is visible in a separate cave below. Activating the switch will start a race with the CarryDee, which Kirby must get to the end and intercept while battling enemies and jumping over obstacles before the CarryDee falls irretrievably into a bottomless pit with the Key. Successfully getting the Key will allow Kirby to open a locked area that contains the third and final Energy Sphere of the stage. After that, Kirby may proceed to the stage exit just beyond.

Enemies, Mid-bosses, and Abilities

Regular Enemies


Stage 4

Kirby uses a Prism Shield in the underground section of Stage 4.

Section 1: The stage starts out back on the surface on some elevated platforms with ladders to the ground, where a Sir Kibble and Hot Head can be encountered. Kirby may then proceed on a path that has some Waddle Dees and Cappies in the way, as well as some falling towers of rocks, so Kirby must move rather quickly through this area. Following that area is a ladder up to elevated land, however, if Kirby instead proceeds on the bottom level where there is a hidden opening (hidden because it looks like solid ground with a few holes in it) into a small room with the first Energy Sphere. From there, Kirby must encounter more falling rocks, a Sparky and a PuppetDee until he can proceed through the door to the next section.

Section 2: The door leads to an open area with a wooden bridge to the right, though several gaps in the bridge are notable. Bowbies, bow-like creatures that hover in place, will attempt to shoot down at Kirby as he crosses the bridge, which then proceeds to a moving platform defended by a Como, then at last to an area where if a button is pressed, a ceiling barrier break and an Invincibility Candy is made accessible. Using the Invincibility Candy, Kirby can charge through the rest of the section filled with numerous enemies, though Kirby has to be careful because the stage is also filled with gaps and moving platforms. Near the end of the stage is a Maxim Tomato toward the top of the stage Kirby can obtain. From there, the door to the next section appears further to the right.

Section 3: The door leads to an underground section, where falling stalactites are a hazard. Once Kirby passes those, he may proceed upwards where he will find a Prism Shield, which he can use to protect his squishy head from many more falling objects. Kirby may then proceed leftwards using the shield to avoid many stalactites as well as Bowbies. Another Prism Shield can be found to replace the old one, and Kirby must use this one to protect himself from Shotzos firing downward. Kirby may then proceed rightward to an area with a ladder and a Bomb Block. Destroying the Bomb Block will lead to Waddle Dees and a PuppetDee falling, but this should not be a problem if Kirby still has the Prism Shield. Going to the area where the Waddle Dees fell will lead to the second Energy Sphere. Kirby may then go up the ladder to find the door to the next section.

Section 4: The door leads to the interior of a large alcove, blocked off by a big Bomb Block barrier. Opening the barrier leads back to the surface, where Kirby will find various tree stumps with glowing stars adorned on them. A Super Hot Head warps in amidst these stumps, which Kirby can swallow to get the Monster Flame Super Ability. Using this ability, Kirby can destroy the stumps to get stars and other items. The path continues to the right, with more stumps and enemies that must be cleared out, along with moving platforms and bottomless pits that must be traversed and avoided, respectively. At the end of the path is a huge tree stump, which, upon being destroyed, opens the rift to the alternate dimension, though a separate path exists below the stump in the event that Kirby ran out of juice and can't break the stump.

Alternate Dimension: The rift wall approaches from the left as Kirby must run while systematically dealing with large numbers of Comos. At one point there will be a large concentration of blocks and enemies defending a 1Up, Kirby can super inhale to take of all that in one swoop. After more Comos, Kirby may proceed to the door. After the door, Kirby is given a choice between Leaf and Spark Copy Pedestals, and can proceed to another Sphere Doomer (regular) battle. Defeating the Sphere Doomer will yield Kirby the third and fourth (the last two) Energy Spheres of this stage (and level). Once Kirby has returned from the rift, the stage exit is located just to the right past a couple more Leafans.

Secret Section

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There is a secret section in this stage that can be uncovered if Kirby maneuvers correctly. While still in Section 1, just after reaching the door to the next section, if Kirby tries to walk as far right as he possibly can, then returns left past the door to the previous area, the area where the last rock spires were will have sunken down to reveal a hidden doorway. Upon entering the door, Kirby will emerge in an open field where the music from the original Green Greens stage will be playing. Proceeding to the right will shower Kirby with many stars and recovery items until he reaches a Star Block formation in the shape of the letters "HAL", spelling out the name of Hal Laboratories. Among this formation is a Broom Hatter, as well as Copy Pedestals containing the Hammer, Fighter, Ninja, and Wing abilities, which are otherwise not encountered until much later in the game. To the right from there is a door that will take Kirby to Section 2.

Enemies, Mid-bosses, and Abilities

Regular Enemies Mid-Boss

Abilities Super Ability

Stage 5 (Boss: Whispy Woods)

Kirby tripped in front of Whispy Woods, before it reveals its face.

The stage starts out with a ladder path leading down to Whispy Woods, giving the player an option of three Copy Pedestals of Cutter, Fire, and Beam copy abilities. The boss battle begins when Kirby reaches the lowest level, where Whispy Woods resides.

Whispy Woods will behave like the usual: he will initially drop apples to try to hit Kirby, and will puff out air to also try to hurt Kirby in that fashion. After battling Whispy Woods for awhile, Whispy Woods will grow larger and start dropping more dangerous enemies, such as Waddle Dees and Gordos. In addition, Whispy Woods will also try to suck Kirby in, damaging Kirby by chewing him up, before spitting Kirby out. After defeating Whispy Woods, Whispy Woods is reduced to a smaller size (with its characteristic tear), and will drop the Oars part to the Lor Starcutter, thus completing Level 1.


A section of the Cookie Country Lobby.

This level bears similarities to the Grass Land stage in Kirby's Dream Land 3, and is likely the same location, as both are in Pop Star.

Names in Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クッキーカントリー
KukkĪ Kantorī
Cookie Country
Spanish Campiña Caramelo Caramel Countryside
French Prairie paisible Peaceful Prairie
German Keks-Kulisse Cookie Scenery