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KPR Remote Robot gameplay.png
Kirby controlling a Remocoroid in Resolution Road - Stage 4
Type Device
Function Controlling a robot that mimics Kirby's movements
Found Infrequently in stages
Game(s) Kirby: Planet Robobot
Similar to Torerobo
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Remocoroid,[Japanese title] called Remote Robot in internal data, is an object which can be found and interacted with in Kirby: Planet Robobot. It consists of a small pink robot made to resemble Kirby with an antenna sticking out of its head. It is used via a Game Boy-looking Remote Controller[from internal data] which Kirby or Meta Knight can use to operate the robot.

While holding the Remote Controller, the Remocoroid will mirror its operator's movements. Given that the operator only has a few movement options while holding the Remote Controller, the Remocoroid's only method of self defense is Slide. The Remocoroid takes damage the same way Kirby does, being able to take a few hits from most demonstrated hazards and instantly being destroyed in bottomless pits. For example, it is destroyed after being damaged by spikes 10 times.

When controlling the Remocoroid, the aim is usually to guide it to a Switch or other object in its plane of movement (never on the same plane as its operator) in order to activate something on the operator's end. If the Remocoroid is destroyed, the Remote Controller will break shortly afterward. While most instances of the Remocoroid end in a destructive trap, it is often possible to save it by moving it back to safety. Less commonly, Kirby can backtrack after moving between planes to meet it directly, though the downed robot cannot be interacted with in any way seen through normal gameplay.


  • When it falls victim to bottomless pits, its broken parts fly up into the air for a moment before falling back down.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese リモコロイド[1]
From「リモコン」(rimokon, short for remote controller) and「アンドロイド」(andoroido, android)


  1. Name taken from Sparkling Pupupu Stars book.