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Kirby controls a Remocoroid in Resolution Road - Stage 4.

Remocoroid[Japanese title], called Remote Robot in internal data, is an object which can be found and interacted with in Kirby: Planet Robobot. It consists of a small pink robot made to resemble Kirby with an antenna sticking out of its head. It is used via a Remote Controller[from internal data] which Kirby or Meta Knight can use to operate the robot.

While holding the Remote Controller, the Remocoroid will mirror its operator's movements. Given that the operator only has a few movement options while holding the Remote Controller, the Remocoroid's only method of self defense is Slide. The Remocoroid can take a few hits before it is destroyed, but it cannot recover if it falls into a pit or other similarly dangerous hazard.

When controlling the Remocoroid, the aim is usually to guide it to a Switch or other object in its plane of movement in order to activate something on the operator's end. If the Remocoroid is destroyed, the Remote Controller will break shortly afterward.


  • The Remocoroid is never on the same plane as its operator, though it theoretically could be.
  • The Remote Controller used to control the Remocoroid resembles a Game Boy.
  • The Robot that is used in the Training Mode in Kirby Battle Royale strongly resembles the Remocoroid.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese リモコロイド[1]


  1. Name taken from Sparkling Pupupu Stars book.