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Aerogree Dimension

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Aerogree Dimension
KRtDLD Aerogree Dimension area screenshot.png
Magolor flying through a portion of the area hub for Aerogree Dimension.
Area 1
Boss(es) Electricky Dooter
Area order
First area Pyred Dimension
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Aerogree Dimension is the first of the five areas in Magolor Epilogue: The Interdimensional Traveler. It occupies the upper-right area of the main hub, and its stages are fairly simplistic in layout, facilitating Magolor's still-small moveset when first traversing them. There are a total of four regular stages and three bonus stages. The boss of this area is Electricky Dooter. Defeating him grants Magolor another Fruit Fragment, unlocking his Magolor Surge and Magolor Cannon, and thus the way to Pyred Dimension.


The regular stages of Aerogree Dimension are as follows:

Stages in Aerogree Dimension  
Stage Unlock Req. Bosses/Mid-Bosses Notes
No No
Complete 1-1. No
Complete 1-2. No
Complete 1-3. Electricky Dooter Completing this stage unlocks Magolor Surge and Magolor Cannon.

Bonus stages[edit]

The bonus stages of Aerogree Dimension are as follows:

Bonus stages in Aerogree Dimension  
Stage Unlock Req.
Complete 1-1 and have at least two points in Magic Sphere.
Complete 1-2 and have at least two points in Levitation.
Complete 1-3 and have at least three points in Health.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 異空いくうのエアグリーフ
ikū no eagurīfu
Airgreef Dimension
Traditional Chinese 異空間的安詳綠原
Yìkōngjiān de Ānxiáng Lǜyuán
Another Dimension's Peaceful Greenland
Simplified Chinese 异空间的安详绿原
Yìkōngjiān de Ānxiáng Lǜyuán
Dutch Aergrassidimensie Aergrassi dimension
French Parages aérophylles Aerophyllous environs
The word aérophyll is completely invented but would appear to imply leaves in the air.
German Aerophyll-Dimension Aerophyll-Dimension
The suffix "-phyll" is derived from ancient Greek and means "leaf".
Italian Dimensione Floridaria Bloomingair Dimension
Korean 이공의 에어그리프
i-gong-ui e-eo-geuripeu
Airgreef Dimension
Portuguese Flora Aeroverde Aerogreen Flora
Spanish Fisura Aerogluaca Aerogluac Fissure
The word aerogluaca is completely invented but would appear to imply air qualities.