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Copy Food

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Copy Food
KDB Kirby and Copy Food screenshot.png
Screenshot of Kirby next to a Copy Food in Kirby's Dream Buffet.
Use Activating Copy Food Abilities
Game(s) Kirby's Dream Buffet
Comparable to Copy Essence
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Copy Foods can be found hiding inside Food Boxes. When you see one, roll through it to gain a Copy Food Ability!
— A Tasty Tidbit, in Kirby's Dream Buffet

Copy Food are a series of food-based items that grant temporary use of Copy Food Abilities in Kirby's Dream Buffet. There are eight different varieties - one for each ability - which can be found in stages or granted by other means, including the following methods:

When Kirby picks up a Copy Food, he can hold onto it, even between game modes in the Gourmet Grand Prix, until it is used (by pressing R). Kirby can hold multiples of the same food item (up to three), but if he picks up a different Copy Food, it will override anything he previously held.

List of foods[edit]

The following is a list of each Copy Food in Kirby's Dream Buffet and which ability it grants, along with other details:

Copy Foods in Kirby's Dream Buffet  
Copy Food Ability Game mode Description
KDB Burning food item artwork.png
Burning Pepper[1]
Burning All game modes A large curved red chili pepper.
KDB Drill food item artwork.png
ドリルキャロット (Drill Carrot)[2]
Drill Battle Royale A stout orange carrot with a sharp corkscrew-like point.
KDB Hi-Jump food item artwork.png
ハイジャンプグミ (Hi-Jump Gummy)[2]
Hi-Jump Race A sugar-coated rainbow gummy worm coiled up into a spring.
KDB Jelly food item artwork.png
プルプルゼリー (Jiggly Jelly)[2]
Jelly Race & Battle Royale A plate of green gelatin formed from a cake-like mold.
KDB Needle food item artwork.png
ニードルキャンディー (Needle Candy)[2]
Needle Battle Royale A yellow hard candy covered in prickly points.
KDB Stone food item artwork.png
ストーンチョコ (Stone Chocolate)[2]
Stone Battle Royale A chocolate bar partially unwrapped, with six square pieces.
KDB Tornado food item artwork.png
Tornado Frosting[1]
Tornado Race & Battle Royale A cupcake topped with swirly white frosting.
KDB Wheel food item artwork.png
ホイールドーナツ (Wheel Donut)[2]
Wheel All game modes A donut partially coated in pink frosting with sprinkles on it.



Official Kirby Portal video showcasing Copy Food Abilities

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese コピーフード
Copy Food
Canadian French Collation de pouvoir Ability snack
European French Snacks de pouvoir Ability snacks
German Spezial-Snack Special-Snack
Portuguese Alimento de cópia Copy Food
Spanish Alimento de copia Copy food