Fantasy Meadows

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Fantasy Meadows
Fantasy Meadows.png
Kirby competing on the Fantasy Meadows course.
Game(s) Kirby Air Ride
Inhabitant(s) Cappy, Waddle Dee, Bronto Burt, Walky, Sword Knight, Scarfy, Pichikuri, Dale, Heat Phanphan
Theme Music

Fantasy Meadows theme

Clip of the main musical theme for Fantasy Meadows.

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Fantasy Meadows Icon.png

Fantasy Meadows is one of the many race courses in Kirby Air Ride. This particular course is the shortest, in length, Air Ride track, and has a very large lack of obstacles, except for two in-race ramps, and two rails. It is also one of the relatively simpler Air Ride course, having quite a short distance for one lap and no gaps to plummet in. Because of its simplicity, the default amount of laps the player can choose is 3.

The course's overall appearance is that of a simple country hillside, housing many different types of enemies. It is quite simplistic in design. The main obstacles in this specific track are the many turns and bends found throughout the course.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese プランテス