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Fantasy Meadows

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Fantasy Meadows
KAR Fantasy Meadows Track Image.jpg
A view of the Fantasy Meadows course.
Laps (default) 3
Hazard(s) Dash Panel, Rail, ramps
Enemies Balloon Bomber, Bronto Burt, Broom Hatter, Cappy, Dale, Gordo, Heat Phanphan, Noddy, Pichikuri, Scarfy, Sword Knight, Waddle Dee, Walky
Theme Music

Clip of the musical themes used in Fantasy Meadows.

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Fantasy Meadows Icon.png
This simple course is perfect for beginners!

Fantasy Meadows is a fairly straight course with very few hairpin turns. It's best suited for machines with very high top speeds.

— Kirby Air Ride North American instruction booklet, page 36

Fantasy Meadows is the first and simplest course in the Air Ride mode of Kirby Air Ride. It takes place in the sunny grasslands of what is presumably Dream Land and features a simple mottled loop with mild elevation changes, few interactive elements, a moderate number of enemies, a brief pass through a small cave, and only one particularly tight turn near the end. It is by far the shortest Air Ride course, so the default number of laps run on it is three.


The track display of Fantasy Meadows.


The race course of Fantasy Meadows consists of a stretched and mottled loop which begins near the middle of the left side of the loop and runs in a clockwise manner. The course begins with a brief straight and flat path before crossing a short wooden bridge. From there, the first turn begins around a wide bend, on the left side of which is a Dash Panel leading through thick grass onto a ramp, and the right side featuring a short rail that bends upward at the end, allowing flying machines to get off the ground. From there, the path narrows and become slightly bumpy as the racers approach a cave. One inside, they drop from a short cliff before exiting again out the other side. From there, a tight and narrow turn must be passed before moving through a couple more ramps to reach the finish line and complete a lap.

Setting and enemies[edit]

Fantasy Meadows takes place in an open and sunny grassland with more significant rolling hills and trees off in the distance. A river runs through the course, though it is never directly interacted with. The most prominent structure on the course is a large windmill-like tree featuring blades resembling the wings of a dragonfly. Passing under this tree provides the brief cave area mentioned above.

Perhaps due to the short and compact nature of the course, there are an abundance of enemies littering the track. Their positions can vary depending on the lap and mode being played, but generally speaking, Waddle Dees occupy the outer portions of the track, while Pichikuri can be found floating along the route leading into the cave, and Dales can be found within the cave. Occasionally, Sword Knight, Broom Hatter, Heat Phanphan, and other enemies can be found along the track. Gordos will appear on the third lap of the Time Attack mode.

Checklist objectives[edit]

The following are all of the checklist objectives that specifically pertain to Fantasy Meadows:

Objective Reward Notes
Air Ride: FANTASY MEADOWS Finish 3 laps in under 01:03:00! None
Air Ride: FANTASY MEADOWS Finish 3 laps in under 01:20:00! None
Air Ride: FANTASY MEADOWS Race over 4,500 feet in 2 minutes! None Must be done in Time mode, rather than Laps mode.
FANTASY MEADOWS: Race 1 lap without dropping below 20 mph! None
FANTASY MEADOWS: Swallow over 20 enemies and take 1st place! None
Free Run: FANTASY MEADOWS Do one lap under 00:23:00 on Wagon Star! None
Free Run: FANTASY MEADOWS Finish 1 lap in under 00:21:00! Music: Air Ride: Fantasy Meadows
Free Run: FANTASY MEADOWS Finish 1 lap in under 00:24:00! None
Time Attack: FANTASY MEADOWS Finish in under 01:00:00! Music: Green Greens (Spring Breeze) Alternative music for the course Fantasy Meadows.
Time Attack: FANTASY MEADOWS Finish in under 01:12:00! None
Time Attack: FANTASY MEADOWS Finish in under 01:05:00 on Slick Star! None


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese プランテス
Taken from in-game in the Japanese version upon starting the course. Derives from "plants".
French Fantasy Meadows -
German Fantasy Meadows -
Italian Fantasy Meadows -
Spanish Fantasy Meadows -