Revenge of Meta Knight

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Revenge of Meta Knight
Revenge of Meta Knight KSSU title screen.png
Title screen for Revenge of Meta Knight in Kirby Super Star Ultra.
Difficulty 4 Stars
Stages 9
Final boss Meta Knight
Other bosses Heavy Lobster, Whispy Woods, Twin Woods, Combo Cannon, Reactor
Unlock requirements Complete Dyna Blade & The Great Cave Offensive
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Revenge of Meta Knight is the fifth main game in Kirby Super Star and its remake. This game takes a much more serious tone than the other games in the collection, and tasks Kirby with stopping Meta Knight and the Meta-Knights from taking over Dream Land using their giant ominous flying warship, the Halberd. The game is split into nine main stages, with each one having a time limit in which the stage must be completed.

Most of the game takes place aboard the giant mechanical battleship Halberd and as such, features murky metallic architecture and color themes, along with erratic fast-paced music and giant mechanical Bosses such as Heavy Lobster and the Combo Cannon. Additionally, the game features a real-time dialogue exchange between the crew members of the Halberd, who desperately try and ultimately fail to stop Kirby from destroying their ship, sending it careening into the ocean in a dramatic ending cut-scene.


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Meta Knight, as seen in the opening scene.

First Kirby flies onto the Halberd on his Warp Star. Meta Knight's minions panic, but Meta Knight tells them to stay calm. Everyone on deck battles Kirby, and the rest prepare for takeoff. Kirby gets behind the rocket nozzle, and the giant robot Heavy Lobster attacks him. While fighting Heavy Lobster, Kirby is blown off of the Halberd and into the ocean. After swimming for a bit, Kirby gets onshore and fights Twin Woods. Then he gets back on his Warpstar but is shot down by Captain Vul. He lands in the woods and Dyna Blade helps him back up. Then he destroys the Combo Cannon, which explodes and destroys one wing of the Halberd. Kirby goes deeper into the air ducts of the battleship. Captain Vul foolishly sends Heavy Lobster after him, and Heavy Lobster marches through the innards of the ship, destroying most of it. After his defeat, the metal crustacean explodes, taking out the other wing. Kirby goes to the Halberd's Reactor, destroying the powerhouse of the Halberd. The crew starts fleeing, and Meta Knight himself stays behind and fights Kirby. After defeating Meta Knight, Kirby flees on a Wheelie Bike.

Stage Synopsis

The following is a brief run-down of the stages in Revenge of Meta Knight. For clarity, a stage is defined as any playable area of the game that is separated from others by cut-scenes:

Stage 1

Kirby fights with Heavy Lobster as the Halberd prepares to take off.

After the opening cut-scene, the game begins with Kirby reaching the landing pad the Halberd using his Warp Star, as it is about to take off. Kirby begins with 3000 on the timer, about 250 of which are eaten up by the flight in using the Warp Star. After busting through a number of foes, Kirby uses a door to enter the landing pad quarters.

Inside the room, Kirby's presence is made aware to the crew, and Captain Vul orders Heavy Lobster to be sent to deal with him. From here, Kirby has to move downward and reach the door at the bottom.

The door takes him to one of the main thrusters of the Halberd, as it's about to take off. Here, Heavy Lobster appears to slow Kirby down as the ship prepares to take off. Defeating Heavy Lobster is not necessary to move on, as after a short amount of time, the thruster activates, blowing Kirby off of the landing pad and into the wilderness.

Enemies and Copy Abilities

Regular Enemies Mid-Bosses

Copy Abilities

Stage 2

Kirby frantically combs the beach for a way to catch the fleeing Halberd.

The timer resets to 5000 as Kirby has to make his way across the shoreline as the Halberd gets away. At the end of this particular stretch, Kirby has to deal with the Mid-Boss Iron Mam.

In the next area, the Halberd can be seen retreating further into the distance, as the path leads downward and to the right.

The area following that is an underwater tunnel that auto-scrolls to the right, then upward out of the water, then to the right again.

After that room, Kirby can choose between the Parasol, Bomb and Wing abilities from Copy Essences before heading to the boss chamber. In the chamber, Kirby will have to contend with Whispy Woods, then after that, Twin Woods. Defeating these foes grants Kirby a Warp Star, which he can use to chase off after the Halberd once more.

In the cut-scene, Kirby attempts to board the Halberd, but is shot down by the Main Cannon and lands in the woods.

Enemies and Copy Abilities

Regular Enemies Mid-Bosses


Copy Abilities

Stage 3

Kirby climbs the mountain, sword in hand, to stop the flying battleship.

The timer resets to 6500 after Kirby lands in the woods. As it happens, the woods in question are near Candy Mountain, so Kirby heads in that direction.

The door leads into a hollow tree log leading upward. There are a number of side chambers that can be accessed here for additional goodies.

The door leads to a dirt tunnel where Kirby gets ambushed by two Bonkers. Using the Hammer ability from these foes, Kirby can bust his way further in.

In the next area, Kirby will have to ascend the slope of the mountain, and deal with some swordsmen along the way.

Near the summit, Kirby will need to use the Fuse Cannon on the right to keep moving. However, the cannon's way of transportation is a bit... unconventional.

The cannon leads Kirby to the nest of Dyna Blade. The giant bird agrees to take Kirby to the Halberd.

Enemies and Copy Abilities

Regular Enemies Mid-Bosses

Copy Abilities

Stage 4

Kirby fights the crew on deck of the ship as good knights do.

The timer resets to 6000 as Kirby lands on deck of the Halberd. Kirby will have to make his way across the deck, past its guards and many pitfalls to reach the door on the other side.

Kirby reaches a portion of the deck closer to the main cannon. Here, he is ambushed by the Meta-Knights who try to stop him.

The next door leads to an interior chamber. Here, Kirby makes his way up to the upper deck by means of Elevator.

Kirby worms his way through the main hangar of the Halberd, across bridges made of Star Blocks. Here, he gets ambushed by Jukid and Poppy Bros. Sr. at the same time. A side room can be found here which contains some goodies, including an Invincibility Candy.

In the next room, Kirby can choose between the Fire, Beam and Yo-yo abilities from Copy Essences. From there, he has to contend with the Combo Cannon as a boss. The only truly vulnerable part of the cannon is its main circular turret, though the other parts can also be damaged. Defeating it deals a decisive blow to the Halberd, and allow Kirby to move on to the next stage.

Enemies and Copy Abilities

Regular Enemies Mid-Bosses


Copy Abilities

Stage 5

Kirby balances on the flank of the ship.

The timer is reset to 7000 as Kirby lands on the left wing of the ship. The path forward is pocked with Voids and enemies, but a Warp Star can be found to the right.

The Warp Star takes Kirby to the leftmost flank of the ship, where wind currents will push him forward. Mr. Frosty ambushes him at the end of this path. From there, another Warp Star will take Kirby to the next stage, on the right wing.

Enemies and Copy Abilities

Regular Enemies Mid-Bosses

Copy Abilities

Stage 6

Kirby keeps ahead of Heavy Lobster in the ducts.

The timer is reset to 5000 as a hole appears in the hull of the ship. Kirby jumps in to find himself in the maintenance ducts. Along the way, a side chamber can be accessed which leads to the armory, full of different Copy Essences.

In the next room, Kirby has to avoid Heavy Lobster as it chases him down in an auto-scrolling section. After a while, Kirby can then engage the beast in a static setting. Defeating it destroys the right wing, and leads on to the next stage.

Enemies and Copy Abilities

Regular Enemies Bosses

Copy Abilities

Stage 7

Kirby runs through the gates on the way to the Reactor.

The timer resets to 7000 as Kirby lands in the back of the ship. From here, he will head toward the main reactor of the ship to take that out. The path leads downward past some Rotating Cannons. A secret door can be found along the way which leads to a cloud cache with more Copy Essences and an Invincibility Candy.

The next area takes place along the base of the ship, with a strong wind current and not much room to stand.

The door leads into the ship interior, where Kirby will have to move past Switch Gates. From there, the path diverges into several Elevators guarded by Moto Shotzos. At the end ofthe hall, Kirby will have to get past a horde of Tookeys and Twizzys (after raiding Mace Knight's secret stash of food and 1-Ups of course).

Kirby has the option of obtaining the Bomb ability before heading into the Reactor chamber. Here, he can overhear the conversation of the crew to learn its weakness. Exploiting this, Kirby can destroy the reactor and free all the Wheelies inside, dooming the Halberd to drop and moving Kirby to the next stage.

Enemies and Copy Abilities

Regular Enemies Mid-Bosses


Copy Abilities

Stage 8

Kirby deals with the last of the Meta-Knights.

The timer resets to 3000 as Kirby heads for the helm. The crew of the Halberd panics as Captain Vul abandons ship. The Meta-Knights, however, stay to try and get their revenge on Kirby. As they discuss this, Kirby makes his way through an auto-scrolling section past crumbling bridges inside the hangar.

In the next room, Kirby makes his way up the elevator where the Meta-Knights ambush him one more time. From there, Kirby has a choice between a few more abilities before reaching Meta Knight's cabin.

In the cabin proper, Meta Knight tosses a Sword to Kirby for an honorable duel. From there, the fight is on, as Kirby battles Meta Knight in the traditional manner. When the masked swordsman is defeated, his mask breaks, and he flees the scene. From there, the cabin explodes, and Kirby is sent tumbling to the final stage.

Enemies and Copy Abilities

Regular Enemies Mid-Bosses


Copy Abilities

Stage 9

Kirby rides like the wind as Meta Knight chases.

With only 45 seconds left to escape, Kirby finds a Wheelie, and hops on it to flee the Halberd as it crashes. Meta Knight pursues, trying his best to slow Kirby down. Kirby cannot defeat Meta Knight in this phase, so he should focus on escaping. The stage ends as Kirby makes the leap off the ramp at the end of the causeway. The final cut-scene plays of the Halberd crashing, and Kirby riding off into the sunset, and the game is complete.

Enemies and Copy Abilities

Regular Enemies Bosses
  • None.

Copy Abilities



  • There are a great many differences in the dialogue of the Halberd crew between the original Super Star and Super Star Ultra. Most of these differences are in the wording, with no significant change to the meaning or context, but some, like the exchanges made when the crew is evacuating, do change the mood between the two versions.

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