Revenge of Meta Knight

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Meta Knight, as seen in the opening scene.

Revenge of Meta Knight is a level in Kirby Super Star and its remake. It starts out where Meta Knight and his crew, the Meta Knights, are flying in the Halberd, plotting to take over Dream Land and destroy Kirby. Revenge of Meta Knight has seven stages and is the only level in the game to have time limits.


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First Kirby flies onto the Halberd on his Warp Star. Meta Knight's minions panic, but Meta Knight tells them to stay calm. Everyone on deck battles Kirby, and the rest prepare for takeoff. Kirby gets behind the rocket nozzle, and the giant robot Heavy Lobster attacks him. While fighting Heavy Lobster, Kirby is blown off of the Halberd and into the ocean. After swimming for a bit, Kirby gets onshore and fights Twin Woods. Then he gets back on his Warpstar but is shot down by Captain Vul. He lands in the woods and Dyna Blade helps him back up. Then he destroys the Main Cannon, which explodes and destroys one wing of the Halberd. Kirby goes deeper into the air ducts of the battleship. Captain Vul foolishly sends Heavy Lobster after him, and Heavy Lobster marches through the innards of the ship, destroying most of it. After his defeat, the metal crustacean explodes, taking out the other wing. Kirby goes to the Halberd's Reactor, destroying the powerhouse of the Halberd. The crew starts fleeing, and Meta Knight himself stays behind and fights Kirby. After defeating Meta Knight, Kirby flees on a Wheelie Bike.