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Scene from Forgo Land showing Kirby and Elfilin alongside many members of the Beast Pack.

The Beast Pack serves as the main antagonistic force in Kirby and the Forgotten Land. It was formed by Leon after Fecto Forgo possessed him as a way to find its lost half and merge with it to become whole.


After a "warp-experiment incident" occurred, which had split specimen ID-F86 into two halves, the inhabitants of the New World later left using the spatial technology acquired from ID-F86. Over time, the native wildlife gained sapience comparable to the previous inhabitants, including Leon and Carol.

One day, Leon stumbles upon one part of ID-F86, Fecto Forgo, in the remains of Lab Discovera, and becomes possessed by its strong telepathic waves to serve as its medium. Leon changes his name to "Leongar" and forms the Beast Pack, and Carol, who is confused but faithful to her fellow beast, follows suit and takes on the name "Clawroline". As the two most influential members of the Beast Pack, the other animal inhabitants of the New World quickly follow their orders: to find Fecto Forgo's other half, Elfilin, so they can become one again.

Fecto Forgo, as part of its plan to obtain even more labor beyond the Beast Pack, opens a vortex above Popstar which transports the inhabitants of Dream Land and its surrounding areas to the New World. Once there, the Beast Pack begins to subdue the weaker residents of Dream Land (namely, the Waddle Dees), and recruit more powerful residents into the pack (either willingly — as with Bonkers, Gigant Edge, and Mr. Frosty — or unwillingly, as with King Dedede). Their attempt to recruit Meta Knight into the pack fails due to his stronger force of will.

The Beast Pack even manages to successfully capture Elfilin, but Kirby, who was also caught in the vortex, arrives in time to rescue him. When Elfilin explains the plight of the Waddle Dees, Kirby agrees to help, putting a wrench into the Beast Pack's plan. After Kirby confronts and defeats Leongar within Lab Discovera, Fecto Forgo reveals its true nature and subsumes many members of the Beast Pack to sustain itself. Even after it fuses with Elfilin to become Fecto Elfilis, Kirby still manages to defeat this monstrosity, resulting in the Beast Pack being formally disbanded.

However, Fecto Forgo keeps Leon captured within its dreams by scattering his soul into pieces and guarding them with illusory versions of the Beast Pack's former members. Kirby and Elfilin enter this realm and collect the pieces of Leon's soul, freeing him after a difficult struggle with a possessed Leon and a mysterious knight who feasted upon Fecto Forgo's soul. With help from the other former members of the Beast Pack, including Carol, Leon is returned to his old self, and all is well.


Beast Council[edit]


Regular Enemies[edit]


  • It is unknown whether the regular enemies from Planet Popstar were also added to the Beast Pack, though several do seem to fight alongside them. This is most notable when Phantom Forgo Dedede calls for reinforcements.
  • According to the figure description for Primal Awoofy, the Beast Pack originated from Originull Wasteland (which may go in part to explain the name of that area).


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ビースト軍団ぐんだん
Bīsuto Gundan
Beast Army
Traditional Chinese 野獸軍團
Yěshòu Jūntuán
Beast Army
Simplified Chinese 野兽军团
Yěshòu Jūntuán
French Meute des bêtes Beast pack
German Bestienrudel Beast pack
Italian Esercito bestiale Beast army
Korean 비스트 군단
Biseuteu Gundan
Beast Army
Spanish Jauría Pack