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Rhythm Route - Stage 4

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Rhythm Route - Stage 4
KPR Rhythm Route Stage 4 1.png
Kirby crosses the road.
Level Rhythm Route
Robobot Armor? Yes
Code Cubes 3
Stickers 3
Rare Sticker Dark Matter
Theme music

Clip of the music that primarily plays in Rhythm Route - Stage 4.

Stage order
Rhythm Route - Stage 3 Rhythm Route - Stage 5
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Rhythm Route - Stage 4 is the fourth stage of Rhythm Route. There are three Code Cubes and four stickers in this stage. The rare sticker is one depicting Dark Matter.


This stage takes place out in the city, where Kirby will be able to use the Wheel Mode again. As such, the path will involve many flips between foreground and background. Kirby will have to be careful though, as many pitfalls exist on this course.

Along the road, Kirby will need to rev up some lasers to cut holes through girders in the way. From there, is a fair amount more driving to reach the stage exit.

Code Cube & Rare Sticker Guide[edit]

  • Code Cube 1 - After powering the first laser, Kirby will want to avoid the second one, and head down a hole on the other side. This cube can be collected after dealing with a third laser on the lower path.
  • Code Cube 2 - In the next area after the lasers, Kirby will hit a bomb block, and will have to race against it down several ramps. If Kirby is quick enough, he can race across a bridge, grab a sticker, and get this cube at the end.
  • Code Cube 3 - In the last area, Kirby will need to make a big double jump off a ramp to reach an upper platform where this cube can be collected.
  • Rare Sticker - In the first area, just after obtaining the Robobot Armor's Wheel Mode, a path can be taken up suspended platforms which leads to a box containing this sticker.

Enemies, Mid-Bosses and Abilities[edit]

Regular Enemies Mid-Boss

  • None.

Abilities Robobot Armor Modes