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Boss InfoBox
Daroach as he appears in Kirby Squeak Squad.
Debut Game Kirby Squeak Squad
Last Game Kirby Mass Attack
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Dark Daroach.png
Dark Daroach

Daroach is the mysterious leader of the Squeaks, and the secondary antagonist of Kirby: Squeak Squad. He is a recurring boss who wields the Triple Star Cane and is considerably larger than Kirby. Although presented as the main antagonist in the beginning of the game, after opening a chest, he is possessed by the real mastermind, Dark Nebula. As such, he appears as a boss of Gamble Galaxy. Upon Daroach's second defeat, he is released from the trance and Kirby must defeat Dark Nebula. During phase one, Daroach primarily will attack via throwing bombs and shooting beams from the Triple Star Cane. The ice version of the beam will shoot across the entire screen. The attack pattern during the second phase changes to an extent: Kirby can be harmed indirectly from a bomb if the explosion caused makes contact, and his ice beam becomes noticeably thicker. Overall, the abilities of the Triple Star Cane remain the same. As a defensive precaution, Daroach will try to avoid Kirby's attacks by constantly teleporting throughout the screen.

He and the Squeaks reappear in Kirby Mass Attack, but only Daroach has a speaking role. His zeppelin is on the level map and he tells Kirby factoids about the islands. His Squeakers learned the locations of Medals and Daroach will give Kirby hints about where they are. He helps Kirby because he's always been a big fan of underdogs. He tells Kirby that all the Rainbow Medals are needed to get to Necro Nebula.

In Kirby Mass Attack, he reveals tidbits about himself as well.

  • Before King Dedede made his resort on Dedede Resort, Daroach used to go there to "steal the hearts of ladies".
  • Cemeteries scare him, because "anything could pop out at you".
  • The rest of the Squeaks are family to him.
  • He wishes he had a Nintendo 3DS.

When Kirby collects all 186 Medals, Daroach takes them, and gives Kirby the Survival Rush book in return. He then departs on his airship, never to be seen again.

Daroach appears in the Kirby Quest minigame as the first enemy encountered in Chapter 4.

Daroach, specifically his dark incarnation, makes a cameo as a Keychain in Kirby: Triple Deluxe. His likeness also appears as a number of Stickers in Kirby: Planet Robobot.