Poison Mash

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Poison Mash
KSS Poison Mash Sprite.png
Sprite of Poison Mash from Kirby Super Star Ultra.
First game Kirby Super Star Ultra (2008)
Copy Ability None
Similar entities Cappy, Blopper
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A Poison Mash[from internal data] is a poisonous mushroom enemy that appears exclusively in Kirby Super Star Ultra. They replace Cappy in Revenge of the King, and move faster and have higher stamina than Cappies. Poison Mash can be found in Purple Plants and Crash Clouds



Poison Mash is a gray creature that looks like a poisonous Cappy. It has a blue cap with pink spots. This cap is larger and wider than Cappy's, and like a Cappy's cap, it can be inhaled. Without caps, they have a sad-looking face with eyes and a mouth.