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This article is about in-game objects used to travel. For cannons used for attack, see Bomb Nozzle or 3-D Helmet Cannon. For the common cannon-like enemy, see Shotzo. For the main cannon on the Halberd, see Combo Cannon.
Artwork of a generic Kirby style Cannon.

A Cannon is an object in the Kirby series which can launch Kirby or another character as a projectile. Using a cannon will allow Kirby to travel across an area, travel to a new area, or bust through barricades.

Cannon Types[edit]

There are several different kinds of cannons throughout the series, with each one having its own set of rules and restrictions. The following is a list of every type of recurring cannon:

Fuse Cannon[edit]

First appearing in Kirby's Adventure, these large black cannons are hooked up to a long fuse, which can span an entire area and must be lit at the end using a fire-based attack from Kirby or another playable character. From there, Kirby must make his way to the cannon before the fuse burns out and enter it in time to be fired by it, usually resulting in gaining access to a new area. If Kirby does not make it in time, the fuse will regenerate, and he can (usually) try again.

Sometimes, enemies such as Jack will take up residence inside a Fuse Cannon, making it unusable by Kirby unless it is forced out. In other cases, a Fuse Cannon may need to be moved into place before it can be used, which can be done using the Robobot Armor.

Directional Cannon[edit]

Also referred to as a Rotating Cannon. Starting with Kirby Super Star, these cannons float in mid-air, and once entered, can fire Kirby in up to eight different directions. These in turn come in their own varieties, with some being automatic, and others requiring input to fire in the right direction. Their turning speed and direction also varies.

These cannons are usually chained together, so that Kirby must fire between several in succession. When being fired, Kirby acts as a projectile, and is immune to most enemies' attacks. He is not immune to environmental hazards, however.

Tilt Cannon[edit]

A Directional Tilt Cannon
Two Slider Tilt Cannons

Starting in Kirby: Triple Deluxe, these cannons are linked to a slider, and can be moved along that slider when the player tilts the Nintendo 3DS system. Once they reach a favorable position, they can be triggered to fire, launching Kirby in much the same way as the Directional Cannons.

There are also varieties of Tilt Cannons which remain locked in place, but can be crudely aimed by tilting.

Goal Game Cannon[edit]

There are a number of different cannons used for Goal Games in various Kirby titles. These vary in firepower based on where the power meter is when it is activated, sending Kirby further if the meter is higher.

Obscure Cannons[edit]

Apart from the common types of cannon found in the series, there are a number of more obscure ones which only appear in a few titles, or only once ever:


Main article: Zebon

Zebon, while technically classified as an enemy, is effectively another type of Directional Cannon. Once it has absorbed Kirby, it will fire him in up to 8 different directions, and can send him to new areas.

3-D Cannon[edit]

Kirby and Dedede use the 3D Cannon.

This cannon only appears once, during the fight with Queen Sectonia at the end of Triple Deluxe. It is brought in by the People of the Sky, and King Dedede uses it to fire Kirby at the vines blocking the path to Queen Sectonia's position. Once the obstruction is cleared, Kirby is fired again from this cannon to face Sectonia in the last battle.

The cannon has a full range of tilt-based aiming, though it only fires toward the background. Once Kirby hits a weak point on the vines (or fails to), he rebounds and lands in the cannon again.

King Dedede[edit]

King Dedede himself once acted as a cannon, by Inhaling Kirby, and firing him out toward Nightmare in order to have Kirby do battle with him.


  • When being fired from a cannon, Kirby keeps his eyes closed tight until hitting a wall or otherwise reaching his destination.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Cañón Cannon