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Artwork of Kirby spitting a star.

A Star Bullet (otherwise known as a Spit Star, Spitting Star, or just Star in shorthand) is a glowing star-shaped projectile that Kirby can spit out after Inhaling an enemy or object. It is his primary method of attacking at range, and deals a considerable amount of damage to anything vulnerable to it.


To launch a star bullet, Kirby must first Inhale something. Instead of swallowing, the player must then press the same button used to Inhale to make Kirby spit the object back out as a star. It will travel at significant speed in a straight direction until it hits something, upon which it will shatter, pass through, or be deflected, based on the power of the star, and the nature of the thing it hits.

Star bullets are capable of dealing a considerable amount of damage, more so in many cases than most Copy Ability attacks, but naturally, using them requires Kirby to Inhale something first. Anything that can be Inhaled can be used as a star projectile, even Kirby's friends in Kirby's Return to Dream Land, and swallowing multiple objects at once will create a more powerful star that can pass through enemies as it hits them. The trajectory of the star can be influenced by some environmental hazards, though this is a rare occurrence. Star bullets are also useful for clearing away blockades and hitting switches at a distance.

Starting at least with Triple Deluxe, a Star Bullet can be made more damaging still if Kirby is running as he shoots it forward.

Notable Appearances

Star Bullets were first introduced in Kirby's Dream Land, where they were the only method of defeating most Bosses. Since then, they have remained mostly unchanged throughout the Kirby series. A few exceptions include Return to Dream Land, where multiple objects inhaled can make the star huge, but slow, and Kirby: Planet Robobot where a special variation of the move called the Planet Buster is used to battle Star Dream.

In the spin-off title, Kirby's Blowout Blast, a special star bullet is shot out when Kirby has inhaled enough enemies, referred to officially as a Blaster Bullet. It travels very quickly, and will take out any smaller enemies in its path.

In the Super Smash Bros. series of games, Kirby and King Dedede can shoot their opponents (or sometimes their teammates) out as star bullets, though they behave differently. They travel more slowly, always pass through enemies they hit, and the person transformed can revert back by button-mashing, or revert back normally after traveling some distance. The power of the star depends on the weight of the opponent spat out, meaning that an opponent like Jigglypuff would make for a weak star, while a fighter like Bowser would make for a very strong star.

Kirby fires a Blaster Bullet.