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While WiKirby itself tends to be serious business, we do have a number of places where users can go to shoot the breeze, rave about the Kirby series, and share news and personal correspondence with other users. WiKirby's social media presence includes the following:


Main article: WiKirby:Discord

Discord logo.svg WiKirby has an active Discord server called "Shiver Star - WiKirby", which is owned and operated by Gigi, along with the rest of the WiKirby staff team. Discord users can join the server by following this link. A lot of discussion, both wiki and non-wiki related, happens on this server.


Twitter favicon.png WiKirby has an active Twitter account called "Ripple Star - WiKirby", under the handle "WiKirby_86". The account can be found by following this link. DeepFriedCabbage, Gigi, Jellytost♡, Owencrazyboy17, and StarPunch collectively manage this account, so please contact any of them for questions about it. The account hosts short-form updates and news regarding the wiki and Kirby series first and foremost, but humorous posts are made as well for the fun of it.

Future plans

WiKirby once ran a Facebook account simply titled "WiKirby", created way back in 2013. It is currently inactive and archived, as the original page owner is nowhere to be found, so ownership cannot be transferred to any active staff. We currently have no plans on creating a new Facebook account for WiKirby, but the preserved 2013 account can be found by following this link, now titled "WiKirby - archived", under the handle "oldwikirby".

Talk of a WiKirby YouTube channel has taken place here and there, but we do not plan on creating one at this time. The same can be said for any other social media platforms. That said, we are open to suggestions, particularly if users would be willing to run the accounts. Reach out to Gigi or any other staff member if you have suggestions or ideas.

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