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WiKirby:Social media

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While WiKirby itself tends to be serious business, we do have a number of places where users can go to shoot the breeze, rave about the Kirby series, and share news and personal correspondence with other users. WiKirby's social media presence includes the following:


Main article: WiKirby:Discord

WiKirby has an active Discord server called "Shiver Star" which is owned and operated by tacopill and Gigi. A lot of discussion, both wiki and non-wiki related, happens on this server. Discord users can join the server by following this link.


At this time, WiKirby has a Facebook page, though it is inactive. If any editor wishes to inquire about the operation of this page, they should talk to tacopill for more information. Only registered users may volunteer for this position.

Future plans

At this time, WiKirby has no desire to expand into any other social media realms. That said, we are open to suggestions, particularly if users would be willing to run the platforms. Talk to tacopill to make proposals.

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