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Artwork of a Friend Driblee from Kirby Star Allies
First game Kirby Star Allies
Copy Ability Water
Similar entities Water Galbo, Colossal Driblee
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Driblee is a common enemy that debuted in Kirby Star Allies. It resembles a blue eel fish, but with fins for arms, a small frill on its head and a large, leafy tail. It provides the Water ability when swallowed by Kirby.

Driblee can also be made into a Friend, whereby it dons a water crown similar to Kirby's. As an ally, Driblee can use the full move-set of the Water ability, along with the Friend Abilities related to it. Like many allies, Driblee has lower health than Kirby, but benefits from an Infinity Jump.

Like other allies, Driblee gets a unique playthrough in the extra game called Guest Star Driblee Rinse and Repeat!.

There is a larger variant of Driblee called Colossal Driblee that appears in Super Kirby Clash as part of Team Colossal Quad.


Driblee can be found in the following stages:

Driblee locations in Kirby Star Allies  
Stage Appearance? Stage Appearance?
Green Gardens Xmark.png Falluna Moon Xmark.png
Donut Dome Yescheck.png Planet Misteen Xmark.png
Honey Hill Xmark.png Mareen Moon Yescheck.png
Fruity Forest Xmark.png Planet Caverna Xmark.png
Clash at Castle Dedede Yescheck.png Grott Moon Xmark.png
Extra Eclair Yescheck.png Planet Frostak Xmark.png
Friendly Field Xmark.png Blizzno Moon Xmark.png
Reef Resort Yescheck.png Planet Towara Xmark.png
Echo's Edge Xmark.png Gabbel Moon Xmark.png
Nature's Navel Yescheck.png Star Lavadom Yescheck.png
Sacred Square Yescheck.png Sizzlai Moon Xmark.png
Inside Islands Yescheck.png Jambandra Base Xmark.png
Duplex Dream Xmark.png The Divine Terminus Yescheck.png
Gatehouse Road Xmark.png Extra Planet α Xmark.png
Eastern Wall Xmark.png Extra Planet β Xmark.png
Longview Corridor Xmark.png Extra Planet γ Yescheck.png
Western Outer Wall Xmark.png Extra Planet δ Yescheck.png
Inner Sanctum Xmark.png Ability Planet Yescheck.png
Heavenly Hall Yescheck.png Dimension I Yescheck.png
Sector A Yescheck.png Dimension II Yescheck.png
Sector B Xmark.png Dimension III Xmark.png
Sector C Yescheck.png Dimension IV Yescheck.png
Planet Earthfall Xmark.png


  • In the Guest Star ???? Star Allies Go! pause flavor text, Driblee is described as female in Japanese, French, Italian and Spanish; neutral (or not mentioned) in English, Dutch, Korean and Simplified Chinese; male in German and Traditional Chinese.
  • According to its Chinese name, Driblee is an eel fish creature.
  • The English name "Driblee" is probably derived from driblet and the reverse spelling of eel.
  • If the enemy Driblee falls into the waters, it will survive but the water ball it shoots will vanish immediately. This is possibly because the waters are considered to be an obstacle to Driblee's projectiles.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese プルアンナ
"Pluanna" in internal filename
  • プル is derived from プルプル (soft).
  • アンナ is possibly derived from アナゴ (conger/garden eels).
Traditional Chinese 噗嚕鰻
pū lū màn
Plu Eel
Simplified Chinese 噗噜鳗
pū lū màn
Dutch Driblee
French Jaido
German Tröpfli Derived from tröpfeln (drip).
Italian Sgocciolo Derived from sgocciolare (drip).
Korean 탱장어
Support eel
  • 탱 (撑) means support
  • 장어 means eel
Spanish Chapotila Derived from chapotear (dabble, splatter).