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Artwork of Kirby fleeing with a treasure from the Squeaks.
This gang of intergalactic thieves possesses wide-ranging abilities, which they use to hunt down and capture treasures of all shapes and sizes. Daroach is the leader, Spinni is the speed, Storo is the muscle, Doc is the brains, and the yellow, blue, and green Squeakers are the henchmen.
— Kirby: Squeak Squad manual

The Squeaks, also known as the Squeak Squad, are a band of rodent-like thieves first appearing in Kirby: Squeak Squad. The Squeaks consist of innumerable small lackeys known as Squeakers who are commanded by the three stronger henchmen known as Spinni, Storo and Doc, who are in turn led by the magician mouse known as Daroach. It is unclear where the Squeaks first came from, or even if they have a permanent base of operations. In Kirby Mass Attack, the Squeaks are in possession of an airship which allows them to move freely around the Popopo Islands.

Game appearances[edit]

Kirby: Squeak Squad[edit]

The main aim of the Squeaks in Kirby: Squeak Squad is to steal all of the treasures of Dream Land. In the process, Kirby comes to believe that they've stolen his Strawberry Shortcake and stuffed it into a treasure chest, prompting the pink puffball to chase after them throughout the course of the game. Kirby chases them throughout several lands, fighting them on several occasions in order to wrestle treasure chests away from them in the hopes that one of them has his cake slice.

The members of the Squeaks frequently appear whenever Kirby grabs a large silver-blue treasure chest, or is merely in the same area as one. Under these conditions, the theme music changes to the main theme of the Squeaks, and one of the three main henchmen appears with a troupe of Squeakers. Also appearing are one or more hideouts, which have an appearance similar to the environment. If Kirby is hit by one of the Squeaks, he will drop a treasure chest, which can be picked up by the main henchman and taken to one of these hideouts. Kirby can get it back by following and defeating the Squeaks, though fighting them here is much tougher than fighting them outside. If Kirby manages to best the Squeaks in a hideout, they will be permanently defeated, allowing Kirby to progress through the rest of the stage unharassed and causing any remaining hideouts in the stage to disappear. If on the other hand Kirby enters a hideout without having lost a chest to the squeaks, it will often contain a stash of Bubbles which he can make use of.

Four of the nine boss fights in Kirby: Squeak Squad involve the Squeaks. The first two are battles against machines built by Doc called Mecha-Kracko and Yadgaine. The last two are against Daroach. In the latter of these two fights, Daroach is possessed by a sealed evil power which he inadvertently released called Dark Nebula. When Kirby ultimately destroys this foe, Daroach and the Squeaks thank Kirby and return his cake slice to him, ending the conflict.

Kirby Mass Attack[edit]

Daroach and his band of Squeaks appear as allies in this game. Here, they fly around on an airship and help the Kirbys by giving them advice in exchange for help collecting Medals. Daroach himself is the main source of much of the information regarding the inhabitants of the island, the Skull Gang, and also trivia about himself and the other Squeaks.

Kirby Star Allies[edit]

Main article: Daroach#Kirby Star Allies

Daroach appears as a Dream Friend in this game, making him playable for the first time in the series. He uses a number of moves inspired by his boss appearances, and also summons the other members of the Squeaks as support. His wide arsenal of tools make him a very versatile character, allowing him to provide many Power Effects, cut rope platforms, and pound Stakes, among other things.

Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe[edit]

Spinni, Doc, and Storo all appear in-person as opponents during the Smash Ride sub-game. Daroach's likeness appears as a Dress-Up Mask and as a golden statue in Merry Magoland.


Artwork Name Description
KSqS Daroach Artwork 1.png Daroach The leader of the group, Daroach is a mouse slightly bigger than Kirby with magical powers. Daroach later is possessed, making him Dark Daroach. Due to this, he must be fought twice. Prior to the fight with Dark Nebula, Daroach possessed the Triple Star cane, which he used in both of his fights against Kirby.
KSqSStoro.png Storo The strongest member of the group, Storo is an overweight mouse who can attack Kirby with brute strength, along with a large wooden Hammer. Storo is the main opponent in the sub-game Speedy Teatime.
KSqSSpinni.png Spinni The fastest member of the group, Spinni is a mouse donning a cape. Spinni is the main opponent in Smash Ride. Spinni will give out the Animal ability if Kirby swallows the claw he sometimes drops, or the Ninja ability if Kirby swallows the shuriken thrown at him.
KSqSDoc.png Doc The smartest member of the group, Doc is a very short mouse with a huge mustache and glasses. When fought as a mid boss, Doc flies in a U.F.O., shooting lasers or bombs at Kirby. If Kirby manages to make the U.F.O. crash, Doc will be ejected out of it, and it can be swallowed for the U.F.O ability. His lasers can be swallowed for the Laser ability. Doc is also fought as a boss twice, both times in a robot. The first time, it is Mecha-Kracko, and the second time, it is Yadgaine. Doc is the main opponent in the sub-game Treasure Shot.
KSqS Squeakers Artwork.png Squeakers Squeakers are the lowly ranked Squeaks. They are the smallest and weakest of the Squeaks, being proportionately the same size as Kirby. They are a common enemy and appear only inside Squeak Headquarters or when Kirby picks up a large chest. Sometimes, a large number of Squeakers will appear, making them mid bosses. They can steal Kirby's large chest and take it to their headquarters. Unlike the major members of the Squeaks, they can be inhaled and thrown at another enemy for a method of attack. When consumed, they do not provide any form of copy ability.

The color of the Squeakers varies from either red, blue, green, or yellow mice with large ears and a tail. Their color shows how dangerous they are, with blue ones throwing big bombs, green ones throwing small ones, and yellow ones not being very dangerous. The Squeakers only make one appearance without any major members appearing when Kirby picks up the large treasure chest, that place being the fourth part of Secret Sea.

In Kirby Mass Attack, they discover where the Medals are, but they are too timid to get them themselves, leaving Kirby to do the work.


  • In Kirby: Squeak Squad, whenever the Squeaks appear in a stage, they will typically override the other enemies that would have appeared in that given area. These enemies will re-appear if Kirby defeats the Squeaks in their hideout.
  • If one of the leading Squeaks manages to take a treasure chest into a hideout, Kirby should wait until that Squeak has fully disappeared into the hideout before pursuing him. If Kirby enters the hideout before this, that treasure chest will be lost, and the stage will need to be reset to get another chance at it.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ドロッチェだん
Daroach Gang
French Souriris From the word "souris" (mouse)
German Squeaks -
Korean 도팡 일당
Dopang Ildang
Daroach Gang
Latin American Spanish Los Chillines Squeaks
European Spanish Los Chillines (Kirby Mass Attack onwards)
Squeaks (Kirby: Squeak Squad)
Escuadrón de Squeaks[1]
Squeak Gang