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Glitches in Kirby's Adventure

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Listed below are the glitches in Kirby's Adventure. Please read the Glitch Disclaimer Notes before attempting any of the glitches on this page.

List of glitches[edit]

Any% credits warp[edit]

In the first stage of Vegetable Valley, there is a slope near the first pool of water that Kirby can clip into. Before that, however, he has to get a Waddle Doo and Hot Head to move about in just the right position prior to this area, then swallow them both and get the Stone ability from a mix, then defeat another Waddle Doo a bit further ahead in the right position. Once Kirby clips into the pool, he has to transform with the Stone ability. Done correctly, this will trigger the credits sequence, skipping all levels and completing the game. This glitch is used in certain speedruns of the game to complete it as soon as possible; however, the most common run category, Any% No Major Glitches, forbids the skip from being used.

This glitch is also possible to execute in stage 3 of Ice Cream Island, and very rarely in Stage 1 of Orange Ocean.

Extended Mike[edit]

KA Extended Mike glitch.png
As a result of Kirby's sprite glitching after performing the Extended Mike glitch, a sprite of the unused Mini ability can be seen on-screen.

In some instances, it may be possible for Kirby to keep shouting after his third Mike shout. To do this, his initial third shout has to defeat a Boss, and he needs to also be in position to grab the Star Rod piece immediately afterward. Done correctly, Kirby will be given an 8-bit integer overflow amount of additional Mike uses (256), and his sprite will often glitch out when he uses it. To reflect this, the counter for the number of Mike uses left will be a hexadecimal value.

This glitch can be done in the boss fights with Paint Roller and Kracko.

Grab-State softlock[edit]

If Kirby is grabbed by an enemy such as Fire Lion, and the Mid-Boss is then defeated mid-grab, Kirby may disappear. If this happens, the player will be unable to do anything except reset the game or exit the stage (if that option is available).

(Mostly) Undroppable Copy Ability[edit]

If the player presses Start and Select simultaneously, Kirby will drop his ability as a star, but still maintain it just as the pause screen comes up. From there, exiting the stage allows Kirby to keep that ability, despite the status still displaying 'Normal'. As such, Kirby will be unable to drop that ability when hit, and can only lose it by being defeated, or by dropping it manually (with the select button). If he drops it manually, the Ability Star that results will not give him the ability back if swallowed. This glitch only works for weapon-based abilities (namely Hammer, Parasol, and Sword) and UFO. Doing this glitch with any other ability results in the Splash Kirby glitch detailed below.

No Star Rod ambience[edit]

After defeating a boss that drops a piece of the Star Rod, if Kirby picks it up shortly after it spawns, then the Goal Game music that normally plays will not start up at all until Kirby starts his dance.

Orange Ocean Stone glitch[edit]

Possible outcomes of the Orange Ocean Stone glitch.
Here, the status bar has disappeared, as have the Mid-Boss and Kirby.
Here, random textures fill the play area of the screen, and the game has become unplayable.

In Orange Ocean - Stage 1, in the Mid-Boss battle area found in the door near the start of the level, if the Stone ability is used while standing on the block beneath the door Kirby enters, he will perform a two-frame animation as a splash effect appears directly under him. If the stone ability is used during the animation, a variety of effects can occur, which includes, but is not limited to:

  • The game restarting from the title screen.
  • The status bar at the bottom of the screen moving up and down while the game is still in a playable state.
  • The game freezing.
  • Having random textures appear on screen.

Splash Kirby[edit]

If the player presses Start and Select at the same time, having Kirby drop an ability that changes his color in the process, then exits the stage, Kirby will appear to be ability-neutral, but pressing the button to inhale will cause him to create a strange splash effect instead. This splash cannot harm enemies, and it cannot be lost unless Kirby discards it or loses a life.

UFO glitch[edit]

While using the UFO ability, Kirby can maintain the ability indefinitely if he is hit by an enemy just as he is dropping the ability, then enters the stage exit door. The status in the HUD will display as 'Normal', but Kirby will remain in U.F.O. form at all times, even in the level hubs. Even after using the Sword ability to defeat Meta Knight, Kirby will revert to U.F.O. form after entering the next level.

Wall clip[edit]

In certain areas, it is possible for Kirby to slip through the slightest gap and end up inside of walls. From here, he is free to float about inside them until he finds his way back into the open air. Some wall clips may end up getting Kirby stuck, however.