Soldier Waddle Dee

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This article is about the spear-wielding variants from Kirby Battle Royale. For Waddle Dees in general, see Waddle Dee.

Soldier Waddle Dee
KBR Soldier Dee.jpg
In-game screencap of a Soldier Waddle Dee from Kirby Battle Royale
First game Kirby Battle Royale
Similar entities Spear Waddle Dee, Bandana Waddle Dee
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Soldier Waddle Dees are non-playable combatants from Kirby Battle Royale. They appear in the story mode - Dedede's Cake Royale - and serve the king. In battles, they wield a Spear, and can come in several different colors, like the playable Waddle Dee who uses a Parasol.

Soldier Waddle Dee resembles a Spear Waddle Dee from previous titles, but is distinguished by its fancy guardsman's hat, and its seemingly eternally dour expression (though this may just be an appearance put on by the brow of his helmet). Several can be seen around the palace in the story mode, guarding entrances and guarding King Dedede.

Kirby has to face off against Soldier Waddle Dees in several instances. The first is when he and Bandana Waddle Dee are trying to gain entrance to the tournament. A soldier challenges Kirby to a game of Apple Scramble to qualify, which also serves as a tutorial round. From there, two soldiers will later need to be faced in the Bronze League Qualifiers. The last time they are faced is when they team up with King Dedede at the end of the Platinum League.


  • While several of the soldiers are indeed loyal to King Dedede, some of them are (whether openly or not) rooting for Kirby instead.
Dedede's throne room, where many soldiers can be seen standing guard.