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Soldier Waddle Dee

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Soldier Waddle Dee
KBR Soldier Waddle Dees.png
Soldier Waddle Dees guard the gate and entrance.
First game Kirby Battle Royale (2017)
Similar entities Spear Waddle Dee, Bandana Waddle Dee
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This article is about the spear-wielding variants from Kirby Battle Royale. For Waddle Dees in general, see Waddle Dee.
Battle your best and keep it lively! The king expects nothing less.
— Soldier Waddle Dee in Kirby Battle Royale

Soldier Waddle Dees (referred to as simply Soldiers during battle) are non-playable combatants from Kirby Battle Royale. They appear in the story mode - Dedede's Cake Royale - and serve the king. In battles, they wield a Spear, and can come in several different colors, like the playable Waddle Dee who uses a Parasol. Several can be seen around the palace in the story mode, guarding entrances and guarding King Dedede.

Kirby has to face off against Soldier Waddle Dees in several instances. The first is when he and Bandana Waddle Dee are trying to gain entrance to the tournament. A soldier challenges Kirby to a game of Apple Scramble to qualify, which also serves as a tutorial round. From there, two soldiers will later need to be faced in the Bronze League Qualifiers. The last time they are faced is when they team up with King Dedede at the end of the Platinum League.


Soldier Waddle Dees resemble Spear Waddle Dees from previous titles, but are distinguished by their fancy guardsman's hats, and their seemingly eternally dour expressions (though this may just be an appearance put on by the brow of the hat).

In the Kirby novel series[edit]

An illustration of a Soldier Waddle Dee from Kirby's Decisive Battle! Battle Royale!!.

In the Kirby novel series, Soldier Waddle Dees make an appearance in Kirby's Decisive Battle! Battle Royale!!. A solider Waddle Dee guards the gate of the Battle Castle and once Kirby sees him, he is shocked by his similarity to Waddle Dee. When Kirby approaches him, the Soldier Waddle Dee tells him that the only ones who can pass are those ready for a battle and challenges him for a match of Apple Scramble. While Kirby needs to gather apples from Whispy Woods, the Soldier Waddle Dee gathers them from a regular tree. He shakes the tree and piles up all the apples. When the time for the match is over, it is revealed that the Soldier Waddle Dee gathered less apples and thus lost. After the match, the Soldier Waddle Dee lets Kirby and Waddle Dee pass the gate. Later, a Soldier Waddle Dee guards the elevator to the top floor, not letting Waddle Dee in. Cron gives the Soldier Waddle Dee sleeping medication to let Waddle Dee pass him.


Quotes from Soldier Waddle Dees in Kirby Battle Royale  
  • "Hold up, you two. You think you're getting through these doors? I can't let just anyone in here. Only those ready for battle! So, if you can beat ME in a battle, I'll let you inside."
  • "You, pink guy! I'll battle you. Ready to show me what you can do? Then brace yourself, for I challenge you to an Apple Scramble!"
  • "Whoa, that was pretty good. You're strong enough to through these doors, that's for sure."
  • "You'll face lots of tough rivals in many kinds of battles. Good luck with the challenges. And battle your best!"
  • "Who knew we'd have so many of you round battlers show up? Doesn't seem to faze Waddle Doo at the check-in desk though."
  • "The check-in desk for battles is right next to me. Good luck."
  • "Battle your best and keep it lively! The king expects nothing less."
  • "Watching battles makes me want to train for them! So, probably a good idea to go check out that training room"
  • "Only those in Qualifier Battles can go through the doors."
  • "Come back when you've earned enough League Points."
  • "Hey, you over there! I watched your last battle. That was an amazing win! I think you'll do even better if you get a few battle tips. I'll be on guard over there if you want to hear 'em."
  • "Glad to share my battle tips! What do you want to know?"
  • "Are you using charge attacks? You can do it with all abilities. Press and hold B, and then release to unleash a powerful attack. Charging a Spin Slash with a sword is only the start of charge-ups! The charged attack for each ability has a unique effect. Try them all!"
  • "Let me explain how to lift and throw your rivals. Anyone who gets hit hard will fall down with a "downed" status. You can pick up rivals with this status. Just press R! Then you can throw them into other foes by using B or Y."
  • "There's a way to recover if you get blown back during an attack. When that happens, press any of these right away: A, B, Y, or R. If you do it just right, you'll keep your balance. This method can't defend against charge attacks or powerful attacks."
  • "Anything else you'd like to hear about?"
  • "I'll be here if you need me."
  • "Keep working on your battle skills. That way you'll keep winning!"
  • "You got to the maximum for this league already? Impressive!"
  • "Bet it'll make the king laugh if you lose big time in there."
  • "And...I think that just about covers it, King."
  • "There are three leagues above the Bronze League. If you've got what it takes, you can battle to the top."
  • "Your rivals here are tough stuff. Wonder if you can handle it..."
  • "Your next step is to rack up more League Points with battles."
  • "You don't have enough points to go inside. More battles first."
  • "Your Qualifier Battles are going to seriously test you this time!"
  • "The king will clap like nuts if you flop. Make the guy happy, OK?"
  • "Y-Yes, King Dedede. Turns out Kirby's good in every battle."
  • "Y-Yes, King. How d-dare that Kirby ruin your battles!"
  • "Keep working on your battle skills. That way you'll keep winning!"
  • "Hey! You're still winning? Hurry up and lose already!"
  • "You're really giving them a good fight, aren't you!"
  • "My fellow guard there seems to be cheering FOR you."
  • "I serve the king, so I shouldn't be saying this. But I like the way you battle. I'm your biggest fan!"
  • "My friend there is going to get himself into big trouble."
  • "All right! I'm really cheering for you in your Qualifier Battles! Don't you forget this is his king's tournament. Battle for his glory."
  • "I hope you put up a good fight in the Gold League too."
  • "Meta Knight! He's so cool and mysterious."
  • "No matter who your opponent is, you can win with a good strategy."
  • "My junior gatekeeper there seems to be quite the Meta Knight fan."
  • "I never thought I’d see Meta Knight battle with my own eyes! Thank you, Your Majesty!"
  • "You moved well in that last battle. There was a spring in your jump."
  • "You're strong and all, but you're not Meta Knight strong."
  • "Yes, sir. Same as Kirby. I hear he's in the Gold League now."
  • "But wouldn't Meta Knight be able to take down Kirby?"
  • "Looking forward to seeing you do your thing in the Qualifier Battle."
  • "I want to go watch Meta Knight fight, but I'm stuck here on duty."
  • "Finally a battle with Meta Knight! Give him your best shot!"
  • "I like you and all, Kirby, but I hope Meta Knight destroys you."
  • "Your Majesty... It's Kirby!"
  • "Y-Your Majesty, where are you going? YOUR MAJESTY! He's gone. And I think he's-"
  • "No breaks for you!"
  • "Your battle with Meta Knight was incredible!"
  • "You beat Meta Knight, so I might start cheering for you. Maybe."
  • "You've gotten stronger. But never forget one thing. Always focus on battle basics, no matter how crazy things get."
  • "I'll keep cheering for you during your Platinum League battles."
  • "Sure, I'll cheer you on. Anything to keep the energy up here!"
  • "Victory is in your sight now. Keep at it!"
  • "You turned out to be pretty good. Well, don't stop now!"
  • "I hope the king doesn't find out we're cheering for you. We might lose our jobs! But it's worth it to rally for you!"
  • "I mean, even if the king really wallops you... We'll keep cheering you on!"


  • While several of the soldiers are indeed loyal to King Dedede, some of them are (whether openly or not) rooting for Kirby instead.
  • The view on Soldier Waddle Dees seems to differ between the common Waddle Dees. The Waddle Dee at the start of the game states that "the guard ahead scares [him]", another one says he thinks the soldiers aren't working at all and another one says he looks up to them and wishes to become a soldier when he grows up.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 兵隊へいたいワドルディ
heitai wadoru di
Soldier Waddle Dee