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Grass (course)

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View of the whole Grass course from Kirby Air Ride.
Laps (default) 7
Hazard(s) Tree bombs
Dash Panels
Theme Music

Clips of the music that plays on the Grass course.

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Grass is one of the seven Top Ride courses in Kirby Air Ride. It is a relatively short and simple course set in a grassy plain which features bomb-yielding trees as its main hazard. Aside from that, the main obstacles on this course will be the other racers and their items due to the small size of the raceway.


The track display of Grass.

Grass is the first course and is relatively simple, consisting of a short looping course that bends in the upper-middle and features a small ramp on the left side. The course is traversed in a clockwise manner with the finish line placed just left of the middle of the lower portion of the track. The default number of laps needed to complete this course is seven.

There is a Dash Panel that can appear and disappear randomly in various locations on the course as the game progresses. Additionally, there are two springy trees set in the walls of the upper bend on the course which grow up to four bombs. If the racers collide with these trees, the bombs will drop onto the track, and anyone who runs into one will be knocked aside. From there, the trees quickly replenish their fruit to unload them again next time a Kirby collides with them.

In Free Run mode, the hazards of Grass are disabled. This means that the bomb trees do not yield fruit, and the Dash Panels do not appear.

Checklist objectives[edit]

The following are all of the checklist objectives that specifically pertain to Grass:

Objective Reward Notes
Free Run: GRASS Do one lap in under 00:06:00! None
Free Run: GRASS Do one lap in under 00:04:50! None
Time Attack: GRASS Finish in under 00:33:00! One free box filler
Time Attack: GRASS Finish in under 00:28:00! None
Top Ride: GRASS (No "Zero Items" rule) Take 1st place without using items! Top Ride: Grass in the Sound Test
Top Ride: GRASS Finish 1st 5 seconds faster than #2! None
Top Ride: GRASS Finish 1st and hit 5 or more Dash Panels! Candy Mountain (theme) in the Sound Test This theme is also unlocked as the alternate music for this course.
Top Ride: GRASS Finish 1st with CPUs set to level 5! None
Top Ride: GRASS Finish 7 laps in under 00:43:00! None
Top Ride: GRASS In one race, drop 30 or more tree bombs! None
Top Ride: GRASS Race more than 100 laps! None
Top Ride: GRASS Take 1st place 10 times or more! None
Top Ride: GRASS Take 1st place without using Boost! None


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Grass -
German Grass -
Italian Grass -
Spanish Grass -