Drag Race

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Drag Race
Drag Race Title.jpg
Title card for Drag Race.
Type(s) Drag Racing
Levels 4
Players 1-4
Appears in Kirby Air Ride
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Drag Race is a Stadium mode in Kirby Air Ride, having a chance to appear at the end of City Trial on default settings. It tasks the racers to take 1st on a long and straight course.


When a Drag Race begins, the contestants are placed at the start of a long straight course, with the objective being to reach the goal first. Depending on the course, there will be a number of different obstacles on the path, though none of them are dangerous. Contestants can attack each-other, and if a racer is KO'd, they will be forced to retire. Naturally, vehicles selected and patched for sheer speed will do well here.


There are four distinct Drag Race courses, with the fourth requiring a Checklist objective met before it is unlocked. All four courses borrow their aesthetic from the Checker Knights course. They are as follows:

Stage 1

Screencap from Stage 1.

The first course is a straightforward affair, with no obstacles save a few Copy Chance Wheels and a few Boost Panels.

Stage 2

The second course has a split path near the start which bends a little before returning back to the main course. From there, further in are a couple grind rails which move back and forth.

Stage 3

Screencap from Stage 3.

The third course has a couple retractable walls which can be triggered using floor switches. After that, the path leads through some narrows, then off a ramp.

Stage 4

Screencap from Stage 4.

The fourth course contains several elevated and lowered paths side-by-side. It also leads through a building, urging caution for flying machines.

This course is initially locked. To unlock it, the player must finish Drag Race 3 in less than 27 seconds.