Magma Flows

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Magma Flows
Magma Flows 4.png
Red Kirby racing on lava.
Game(s) Kirby Air Ride
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Magma Flows is one of the many race courses in Kirby Air Ride. The entire track itself appears to be located around and inside an active volcano.

The course layout begins with a slight curve to the left, followed by a sharp turn to the right. A short distance after that, is another turn, with a rail on its outer edge. At the end of that curve is a small gap in the floor, and a wall of geysers that will cause the vehicle to bounce into the air right before entering a small road, between two tall walls. At the end of that road is a rail that moves left and right, which makes the player end up in one of three roads, of varying length, that lead to a conveyor belt, at the end of which are three rails leading into different tunnels. After going through these tunnels, the player comes to a large lake of lava with boost panels (one of which is on a small island floating right above the lake’s center) and fire dragons (ramming one will damage Kirby, and grant the player a purple box for the Air Ride mode Checklist). At the other side of the lake are a few more turns and boost panels, and the goal of the course.

Overall, this course is the track possessing the most turns, bends, and alternate routes; more than any other track in the game.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese マグヒート
Magu Hīto
Mag Heat