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Flowered Sectonia

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Flowered Sectonia
KTD Queen Sectonia second form.png
Flowered Sectonia, as she appears at the beginning of her primary boss fight.
First game Kirby: Triple Deluxe (2014)
Weakness(es) Hypernova
Relative(s) Queen Sectonia
Soul of Sectonia
Similar to Drawcia Soul
Theme music

30-second clip of Flowered Sectonia's theme from Kirby: Triple Deluxe

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This article is about the form Queen Sectonia takes when merging with the Dreamstalk. For Queen Sectonia in a general context, see Queen Sectonia.

Flowered Sectonia,[from internal data] known as Sectonia's Flower in the British English version (though still just referred to as "Queen Sectonia" in-game), is the final boss of Kirby: Triple Deluxe's Story Mode, and appears as the final boss of The Arena in that game as well. Queen Sectonia takes on this form by merging with the Dreamstalk as a last resort to destroy Kirby and subsume everything she can see, including Floralia and Dream Land.

Boss battle[edit]

This final battle has three phases in the Story Mode, though only the second phase (the first battle) is fought in The Arena.

Sectonia Vine[edit]

Sectonia's parasitic species survives by leeching power from other life forms until they're weak enough to be controlled. The People of the Sky and King Dedede decided to fight back in an effort to save the planet Popstar from the evil queen.
— VS Sectonia Vine, Special Page in Kirby: Triple Deluxe

After merging with the Dreamstalk, Queen Sectonia summons a lot of vines to impede Kirby's progress (called Sectonia Vine in-game). King Dedede and the People of the Sky appear to help Kirby break through the barrier. They do this by bringing in a cannon, using Kirby as the cannonball. The player controls King Dedede with the Nintendo 3DS gyroscope to aim the cannon and fire Kirby at the vines' weak points. Otherwise, Kirby will ricochet off the vines and take damage. After clearing the vines away, Kirby is then fired directly into the next phase.

This phase is in Story Mode only and does not appear in The Arena.

First battle[edit]

Flowered Sectonia attempts to strangulate Kirby during the battle when his guard is down.
Sectonia has unleashed her terrible beauty. She has combined her form with that of the Dreamstalk and, in her madness, seeks rulership of not only Floralia but all of Popstar! Grant unto the wicked queen the eternal beauty sleep she so desires!
— VS Queen Sectonia, Special Page in Kirby: Triple Deluxe

The primary body of Flowered Sectonia in this form is revealed in the background as Kirby must make his way toward her. During this phase, Kirby has to hit the eye stalks to deal damage.

The following lists all of Flowered Sectonia's attacks. Attacks in italics are exclusively used during the last quarter of the battle when Sectonia attacks with four eye stalks instead of two. Note that the attack names are conjectural:

Flowered Sectonia's Attacks
Attack Description
Floral Fire Bullet
The eye stalks fire fiery coconuts at Kirby in synchronization. They leave two Stars when they collide. They may repeat this move multiple times in a row.
Floral Sword
The eye stalks turn into swords and can attack Kirby with multiple forms including: horizontal strikes; diagonal strike; coming down from above and a few slashes in one direction. Each form leaves Stars in different ways. The eye stalks may perform different forms at the same time and repeat the move.
Floral Spikes
The eye stalks transform into spiky balls and try to ram Kirby. When four eye stalks are used for this attack, they may try to come from the other side after the first charge and finish by coming from the background. They each leave one-two Stars after finishing.
Giant Nuts
The eye stalks each drop one big orange coconut that explodes either when Kirby collides with it or after a set time.
Floral Cannon
The eye stalks fire powerful lasers in multiple patterns, which leave Stars. The lasers may be fired in several waves. With four eye stalks, the lasers become harder to dodge and are more numerous.
Floral Spark Bullet
Two eye stalks line up on opposite ends of the field and fire multiple electrical coconuts from above, which can be inhaled. They afterwards move to the middle and repeat, before finishing off on the side from which the other eye stalk began.
Floral Cutter
The eye stalks start rotating quickly in the background and dive forwards facing upwards. Afterwards they attack in a similar manner from the foreground before finishing off from the background spinning facing toward the camera, making them harder to avoid. Each round leaves Stars, though the last one drops more than the others.
Floral Spike Bounce
Two eye stalks transform into spiky balls and bounce between the background and the arena while aiming at Kirby's position. They leave one Star each afterwards.
Floral Spike Launch
Flowered Sectonia calls all eye stalks to her and launches them back out in their spiky form. The eye stalks bounce on the stage from right-to-left or left-to-right in one of two ways: bouncing low to the ground or bouncing higher up. Stars are left behind each time they bounce.
Floral Ray: Quartet
The four eye stalks position themselves in the shape of a diamond, one each in the background and foreground, along with two on the same plane as Kirby, and charge electricity between them. After a bit of time they collide at Kirby's current position, leaving four stars and then expand to try the attack again.
Dreamstalk Cannon
Flowered Sectonia calls all four eye stalks to her and charges a giant laser attack. After a few seconds she fires three lasers in a row, always briefly showing where she is aiming them. The last laser leaves three Stars.
Floral Tackle
The eye stalks position themselves in the background and ram into the foreground twice each, always leaving four Stars with each eye stalk that attacks.
Floral Ray: Duet
The eye stalks group up in pairs of two and charge an electrical field between them. They begin with coming forward from the background. Afterward they form an 'X' shape and come on the same plane as Kirby and start rotating. They may change their rotation midway through. This attack leaves a lot of Stars.

In The Arena, this is the only phase to fight and defeating the flowered queen will complete the boss endurance.

Main article: Soul of Sectonia

In The True Arena, this is replaced by Soul of Sectonia, the DX version of Flowered Sectonia, using even stronger attacks in different patterns.

Second battle[edit]

The final Hypernova inhaling sequence, which requires the player to rotate the +Control Pad or Circle Pad.

After the first battle, the queen is not defeated yet and takes a vine and grabs Kirby, in an attempt to finish him by constriction. At this moment, King Dedede and Taranza come to save Kirby. They do this by first releasing him from the bind, then feeding him a Miracle Fruit to activate Hypernova.

The last part of the final battle takes place with Kirby using Hypernova to deflect the queen's last line of defense. All projectiles from the queen can be inhaled and spit back at the eye stalks. At the very end of the fight, Kirby inhales a power beam fired from the queen's primary stalk, her leaves, and even her depleted health bar. Then, Kirby spits them back to vaporize her.

This phase is in Story Mode only and does not appear in The Arena.

Main article: Soul of Sectonia

In The True Arena, however, Soul of Sectonia is not defeated yet after the first battle. The queen will spurt out from the Dreamstalk with only her upper body left, and will challenge Kirby in the true final battle of the game.


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Main article: The World to Win

Two tracks are used for the final battle with Flowered Sectonia:

  • "Fatal Blooms in Moonlight" plays during the first battle.
  • "The World to Win" plays during the second battle.


  • Much like in Kirby's Return to Dream Land, the first letters of each level name spell out a hint to the nature of this boss. When collected, the letters spell out 'FLOWERED', which describes the nature of her merge with the Dreamstalk.
  • Located in RomFS/msg/(name of language folder)/GameInfo.msbt of the game's files lies an unused name, "Flowered Sectonia" under the entry BossNameSectniaflower, most likely intended for the battle against the Dreamstalk-fused Queen Sectonia. Interestingly the name was translated into all the languages Kirby: Triple Deluxe supports through this file.[1] The Japanese entry in this file simply lists her name as "クィン・セクトニア" (Queen Sectonia), matching the name used in all her boss fights, but in official Japanese guidebooks the name "セクトニアフラワード" (Sectonia Flowered) is used instead.


Names in other languages[edit]

Sectonia Vine[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese セクトニアヴァイン
Sekutonia Vain
Sectonia Vine
French Plante Sectonia Sectonia Plant
German Sectonia-Ranke Sectonia-Tendril
Italian Queen Sectonia tralcio Queen Sectonia branch
Korean 세크토니아 바인
sekeutonia bain
Sectonia Vine
Spanish Enredadera de Sectonia Sectonia's Vine

Flowered Sectonia[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese セクトニアフラワード
Sekutonia Furawādo
Sectonia Flowered
French Fleur de Sectonia Sectonia's Flower
German Blumen-Sectonia Flower-Sectonia
Italian Queen Sectonia fiorita Flowery Queen Sectonia
Korean 퀸 세크토니아
Kwin Sekeutonia
Queen Sectonia
Spanish Sectonia Florida Flowery Sectonia