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The Deedly Dees

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The Deedly Dees
KatFL The Deedly Dees screenshot.png
Screenshot of The Deedly Dees in Kirby and the Forgotten Land
First appearance Kirby and the Forgotten Land (2022)
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This article is about the Waddle Dee band that appears in Kirby and the Forgotten Land. For Waddle Dees in a general context, see Waddle Dee.
It's the local four-Dee band, the Deedly Dees! They love to jam in front of a crowd and start each request off with a "Wa-WA!" (Let's GO!) Band meetings at the café can get heated due to their different musical tastes, but when the tunes kick in, they fall perfectly in sync.
— Figure description from Kirby and the Forgotten Land

The Deedly Dees are a band consisting of four Waddle Dees (one playing the electric guitar, one playing the bass, one playing the drums, and one playing the keyboard) that appear in Kirby and the Forgotten Land. The band resides in Waddle Dee Town after Kirby clears Lab Discovera, standing on a stage that appears next to Waddle Dee Cinema called the "Waddle Live! Corner Stage". Functionally, they replace the Jukebox from previous games, as upon interacting with them, the player can select a song for them to play.

Not all of the songs are available at first; after meeting the right conditions, Kirby can donate Star Coins to upgrade their stage and unlock more music. It takes 1,000 Star Coins to unlock the first upgrade, and 2,000 for the second. When the threshold is met, the stage upgrades in appearance. It starts as simple wooden planks, then becomes a polished wood platform, and finally a metal platform with a steel frame and stage lights. Upgrading the stage to its final form also unlocks the Deedly Dees' figure.

The Waddle Dees play in time with the music, and only when their respective instruments are playing. When they are not performing, they will play around with their instruments by plucking and tuning strings, pressing muted keys or striking the cymbals. Kirby, Elfilin, Bandana Waddle Dee, and other nearby Waddle Dees will also move to the beat as they watch them play, and if the player exits this screen, the song that the Deedly Dees were playing continues and replaces the regular Waddle Dee Town music until Kirby leaves or enters a building (or until the song ends, in the case of songs that do not loop).

"Deedly" from the name of the band is a play on the words "deadly" and "Dee".


The poster of the band, as shown on the outside of Waddle Dee Cinema
  • The Deedly Dees are hinted at before they move to Waddle Dee Town: a poster of the band can be seen outside of Waddle Dee Cinema, in the same location they eventually settle in.
  • The Deedly Dees are the only distinct Waddle Dee characters in the game to not have any dialogue of their own. Instead, Elfilin speaks on their behalf when needed.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ドルディーズ
'Dle Dees
"Waddle Dee" in Japanese is written as ワドルディ, the name of the band omits the first syllable and adds ーズ to act as a plural.
Traditional Chinese 豆魯迪士
'Dle Dees
Transliteration of the Japanese name.
Simplified Chinese 豆鲁迪士
Dutch De Deedly Dees The Deedly Dees
French Les Dee-Dee-Dam The Dee-Dee-Dam
Possibly a nod to King Dedede, which in French is "Roi DaDiDou".
German Die Deedly Dees The Deedly Dees
Italian I Dee Diesis The Dee Sharps
Pun on how D# is read in Italian, which is "D Diesis".
Korean 들디즈
'Dle Dees
Similar to the Japanese name.
Spanish Los Deedly Dees The Deedly Dees