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Star Coin

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Star Coin
KatFL Star Coin screenshot.png
Screenshot of a yellow Star Coin from Kirby and the Forgotten Land
Use Scoring, spending in Waddle Dee Town
Obtained Various points in stages, reward for various actions.
Game(s) Kirby and the Forgotten Land
Comparable to Point Star, Score Coin, Gem Apple
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Star Coins are objects which serve as a form of currency and a means of scoring in Kirby and the Forgotten Land. They take the place of Point Stars from previous main-series Kirby games, and have a similar appearance and function, though with the following key differences: Star Coins are not exchanged for 1-Ups (since 1-Ups do not exist in Kirby and the Forgotten Land), and instead are spent in Waddle Dee Town to obtain various things, and they do not cap off at 100, instead continuing to accumulate through the course of the game with a cap of 99999.

Star Coins can be found in a variety of places and earned via various actions, including the following:


Kirby and a Blue Star Coin in Point of Arrival.

There are four main denominations of Star Coin, which are analogous to Point Stars in previous main-series titles, as follows:

  • Yellow - worth 1 point
  • Green - worth 5 points
  • Red - worth 10 points
  • Blue - worth 30 points

Additionally, piles of Star Coins can be found, which are worth varying amounts depending on their size and composition. Bags containing large amounts of Star Coins can also be obtained in certain instances, such as rewards for Present Codes or via rewards in the Colosseum. Star Coins can also appear as rings during Arch Mouth flying sections, where yellow rings are worth 5 coins, and red rings are worth 20.

Spending Star Coins[edit]

Star Coins are spent in Waddle Dee Town on the following things:

Additionally, whenever Kirby is defeated, 100 Star Coins are subtracted from his total. When Kirby loses in the Colosseum, he can spend Star Coins to continue (the price increases for each subsequent defeat) and restart from the last battle, but the timer resumes from the time he was defeated. If Kirby loses in a Treasure Road stage then he will not lose any star coins, but will be forced to start over.


  • Collected Star Coins only add to Kirby's total if he completes the stage where he collected them. This rule also applies to deductions incurred by being KO'd, so if Kirby is KO'd multiple times in a single stage, it may be advisable for the player to restart the stage in order to get those coins back.
    • If Kirby does lose a lot of coins in a stage, then upon returning to Waddle Dee Town, a present will be waiting next to Kirby's House. If Kirby talks to Elfilin near this present, he will explain that the Waddle Dees will help Kirby regain "roughly half" of his lost coins if he loses too many.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese コインスター
Coin Star
Traditional Chinese 星幣
Star Coin
Simplified Chinese 星币
Dutch Sterrenmunt Star coin
French Pièce étoile Star coin
German Sternmünze Star coin
Korean 코인 스타
Koin Seuta
Coin Star
Latin American Spanish Moneda estrella Star coin