Parallel Big Kracko

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Boss InfoBox
Parallel Big Kracko.jpg
Splash art of Parallel Big Kracko.
Debut Game Kirby Star Allies
Relative(s) Parallel Twin Kracko
Similar to Kracko
Kracko's Revenge
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Parallel Big Kracko is a boss who first appeared in Kirby Star Allies. He is similar to Kracko, but comes from Another Dimension and has a largely dark red look to him with a yellow-tinged eye. As his name implies, he is also much larger than Kracko normally is.

Parallel Big Kracko appears in Heroes in Another Dimension.


Parallel Big Kracko primarily fights very similar to Kracko in that it swoops around the battlefield and unleashes electrical attacks. However, its large size makes it more difficult to dodge its attacks. Parallel Big Kracko also utilizes a variant of its bomb drop from Kirby's Dream Land and a new attack where it flies to the corner of the screen and creates a gust of wind pushing away from Kracko, while summoning small clouds from the background that drop lightning bolts.


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese アナザービッグクラッコ
Anazā Biggu Kurakko
Another Big Kracko
Traditional Chinese 異次元大獨眼雲
yì cì yuán dà dú yǎn yún
Another-Dimension Big Kracko
(Kracko is literally translated as "Cycloptic Cloud".)
Simplified Chinese 异次元大独眼云
yì cì yuán dà dú yǎn yún
Dutch Parallele Reuzen-Kracko Parallel Big Kracko
French Grande Kracko parallèle Parallel Big Kracko
German Ein anderer Riesen-Kracko Another Big Cracko
Italian Un altro grosso Kracko Another Big Cracko
Spanish Gran Kracko paralelo Parallel Big Kracko