Parallel Big Kracko

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Parallel Big Kracko
KSA Parallel Big Kracko splash.jpg
Splash art of Parallel Big Kracko
First game Kirby Star Allies (2018)
Relative(s) Kracko
Parallel Twin Kracko
Similar to Kracko's Revenge
Theme music

no music given

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Quote1.png How do you defeat that which is ethereal? Reborn from pure hate and the terrible power of a jet-black sky, Kracko lives again! Tasked with keeping the gate, Kracko is bigger, badder, and more dangerous than ever. Be warned... Quote2.png
— VS Parallel Big Kracko (English)

Parallel Big Kracko is a boss who first appeared in Heroes in Another Dimension of Kirby Star Allies. This phase follows from Parallel Twin Kracko, and he is much larger than his non-parallel counterpart.


Main article: Parallel Twin Kracko

Parallel Big Kracko is transformed from Parallel Twin Kracko merging into one after they are defeated, making their battle in the opposite order of that of the original Kracko and Twin Kracko. However, he may be Parallel Twin Kracko's true form.

The following Japanese Special Page mentions that Kracko's parallel counterpart was strangely born as twins first and that Parallel Big Kracko fights with the pride of being a gatekeeper boss since Kirby's Dream Land.

Quote1.png ツインから はじまったから アヤシイと おもってましたーっ。
くろそらの さらなる パワーと おんねんで よみがえり、
異空いくうせましと あらぶる しゅうねんのクラッコ! 初代しょだいから
かんもんボスを つとめつづけた プライドにかけ、あふれでる
パワーで ビッグになった クラッコが、決戦けっせんをしかける!
— VS Parallel Big Kracko (Japanese)

Parallel Woods, Parallel Twin Kracko/Parallel Big Kracko, Parallel Meta Knight and Parallel Dedede are the "Four Otherworldly Kings" as described in the Japanese and Chinese versions.

Physical Appearance[edit]

Like Parallel Twin Kracko, Parallel Big Kracko has a much darker color scheme than Kracko. Their bodies consist of black clouds with red spikes around and yellow eyes with red and black pupils. However, Parallel Big Kracko has grown considerably bigger in size due to absorbing his duplicate.

Boss Battle[edit]

Parallel Big Kracko appears in the following game modes:

Mode Level HP
(Star Bullet=52)
Heroes in Another Dimension Dimension II 1440 He appears as the boss at the end of Dimension II.
Guest Star The Three Mage-Sisters Level 4 1440 He replaces the Twin Kracko boss battle at the end of Level 4. After he is defeated in his first phase, the two combine and grow larger than his original counterpart.
The Ultimate Choice Soul Melter EX 1080 He appears in the second half of the 4th battle.

Parallel Big Kracko primarily fights very similar to Kracko in that it swoops around the battlefield and unleashes electrical attacks. However, his large size makes dodging his attacks harder. Parallel Big Kracko also utilizes a variant of his bomb drop from Kirby's Dream Land (in the form of Pon & Con / Goldon & Silvox's fire bombs) and a new attack where he flies to the corner of the screen and creates a gust of wind pushing away from his body, while summoning small clouds from the background that drop lightning bolts.


Parallel Big Kracko and Parallel Woods (Phase 2) share the same battle theme. It is composed by Yuuta Ogasawara and titled 異空をかけた戦い[1] (A Battle in the Distant Otherworld). It can be found as Track 189 in the Jukebox.

This theme is a rock remix of "A Battle of Friends and Bonds 2", the regular boss battle theme (full version) of Kirby Star Allies.



  • Due to the battle order, Parallel Twin Kracko has double health of Kracko while Parallel Big Kracko has double health of Twin Kracko.
  • Parallel Big Kracko is the only boss of the four primary dimensions who bursts into nothingness after being defeated, with the other three being either subdued or forced to retreat. Despite this, it is unlikely that Parallel Big Kracko was actually destroyed, since he bears similarity to his normal counterpart, who tends to re-form again and again.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese アナザービッグクラッコ
Anazā Biggu Kurakko
Another Big Kracko
Traditional Chinese 異次元大獨眼雲
yì cì yuán dà dú yǎn yún
Another-Dimension Big Kracko
  • Kracko is literally translated as "Cycloptic Cloud".
Simplified Chinese 异次元大独眼云
yì cì yuán dà dú yǎn yún
Dutch Parallele Reuzen-Kracko Parallel Big Kracko
French Grande Kracko parallèle Parallel Big Kracko
German Ein anderer Riesen-Kracko Another Big Cracko
Italian Un altro grosso Kracko Another Big Cracko
Korean 어나더 빅 크랙코
Eonadeo Bik Keuraegko
Another Big Kracko
Spanish Gran Kracko paralelo Parallel Big Kracko


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