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Flash Fishing

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Flash Fishing
KatFL Flash Fishing start screenshot.png
Starting screen for Flash Fishing in Kirby and the Forgotten Land.
Type(s) Reflex
Levels 1
Players 1-2
Appears in Kirby and the Forgotten Land
Comparable to Quick Draw
Samurai Kirby
Speed Eaters
Speedy Teatime
Kirby Card Swipe
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The Waddle Dees are fishing... We should try some fishing too, don'tcha think?
— Elfilin, in reference to Flash Fishing

Flash Fishing is one of the three Sub-Games available in Waddle Dee Town in Kirby and the Forgotten Land, which requires the rescue of 155 Waddle Dees to unlock. It is similar in concept to other quick reflex sub-games such as Quick Draw, Samurai Kirby and Speed Eaters, but is themed around fishing instead.

Catching the legendary "Bling Blipper" in this sub-game is required for 100% completion of Kirby and the Forgotten Land.


Ahhh. Kirby's doing a bit of fishin' at the ol' fishin' pond. He looks super, super relaxed... Maybe too relaxed. Hey! Pay attention, Kirby! There's exciting stuff swimming in that pond, including the legendary "Bling Blipper" of Waddle Dee Town!
— figure description for "Fishing-Pond Kirby"

To begin Flash Fishing, Kirby merely needs to sit down on his chair and then cast a line. After a moment, he will get a bite, and need to start reeling it in. This is done by having the player press either the A, B, X, or Y buttons as a quick-time event, with larger catches requiring more buttons pressed in sequence and with quicker timing. The last button to press is always X (or the fourth and the last, if reeling in the biggest catch). Done correctly, Kirby will reel in a Blipper and then shortly afterward gain Star Coins for it. If the player fails to press the correct button in time, Kirby will be pulled out of his chair and fall into the pond, failing the catch. If the player presses the wrong button, Kirby will reel in a junk item and gain no reward.

Making several successful catches in a row will result in better odds of catching larger Blippers, and thus earning more Star Coins. Failing catches has the opposite effect. The following is a list of each Blipper type that can be caught (though weight values in "g" can differ slightly):

  • Small Blipper (1 or 2 buttons, under 1000 g) - Yellow Star Coin (1)
  • Regular Blipper (3 buttons, roughly 1000 g) - Green Star Coin (5)
  • Large Blipper (4 buttons, roughly 8000 g) - Red Star Coin (10)
  • Huge Blipper (4 buttons, over 8200 g) - Blue Star Coin (30)
  • "Bling Blipper" (7 buttons, roughly 10000 g) - 500 Star Coins (catching this for the first time also rewards the "Fishing-Pond Kirby" figure)

Flash Fishing can also be played simultaneously by Kirby and Bandana Waddle Dee, who share the screen and play separately. The top three catches, organized by weight first and time taken for the catch second, can be seen on a separate board at the far end of the pond.


  • If both players are fishing and one of them successfully catches a Bling Blipper, the other player will stop and watch as a red ! appears over their character. They will also applaud after the Blipper lands on the other character. This only happens for the first time the Bling Blipper is caught.
    • Additionally, if Bandana Waddle Dee is the one who catches the Bling Blipper, the Fishing-Pond Kirby figure will still land in Kirby's hands after the fish is turned into coins.[1]





Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ドキドキ!せつなのつりぼり
Dokidoki! Setsuna no Tsuribori
Heart Pounding! Flash Fishing Pond
せつな (in a flash) is also used in the Japanese names for Samurai Kirby, Speed Eaters, Speedy Teatime and Kirby Card Swipe.
Traditional Chinese 緊張刺激!剎那間的釣魚池
Jǐnzhāng Cìjī! Chànàjiān de Diàoyúchí
Tense Excitement! Flash Fishing Pond
Simplified Chinese 紧张刺激!刹那间的钓鱼池
Jǐnzhāng Cìjī! Chànàjiān de Diàoyúchí
Dutch Flitsvissen Flash fishing
French Pêche éclair Flash fishing
German Flinkfischen Quick fishing
Korean 두근두근! 낚시터
Dugeundugeun! Nakksiteo
Heart Pounding! Fishing Spot
Latin American Spanish Pesca relámpago Flash fishing