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KSA Meteor.jpg
Screenshot of a Meteor from Kirby Star Allies
First game Kirby Star Allies
Copy Ability N/A
Similar entities Ignus
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Meteor[conjectural title] is a stage hazard that appears in magmatic areas in Kirby Star Allies. It is a giant falling rock that is covered in flames and lava shaped into stars that travels slowly through the air until it hits the ground and bursts. When a meteor strikes, it will destroy any fragile terrain it hits and deal damage to anyone who touches it. Meteors cannot be destroyed by any attack except for shots infused with Blizzard, Bluster or Zap from the Friend Star. When destroyed in this way, the meteor drops some Point Stars.


Meteor can be found in the following stages:

Meteor locations in Kirby Star Allies  
Stage Appearance? Stage Appearance?
Green Gardens Xmark.png Falluna Moon Xmark.png
Donut Dome Xmark.png Planet Misteen Xmark.png
Honey Hill Xmark.png Mareen Moon Xmark.png
Fruity Forest Xmark.png Planet Caverna Xmark.png
Clash at Castle Dedede Xmark.png Grott Moon Xmark.png
Extra Eclair Xmark.png Planet Frostak Xmark.png
Friendly Field Xmark.png Blizzno Moon Xmark.png
Reef Resort Xmark.png Planet Towara Xmark.png
Echo's Edge Xmark.png Gabbel Moon Xmark.png
Nature's Navel Xmark.png Star Lavadom Yescheck.png
Sacred Square Xmark.png Sizzlai Moon Yescheck.png
Inside Islands Xmark.png Jambandra Base Xmark.png
Duplex Dream Xmark.png The Divine Terminus Xmark.png
Gatehouse Road Xmark.png Extra Planet α Xmark.png
Eastern Wall Xmark.png Extra Planet β Xmark.png
Longview Corridor Xmark.png Extra Planet γ Yescheck.png
Western Outer Wall Xmark.png Extra Planet δ Yescheck.png
Inner Sanctum Xmark.png Ability Planet Xmark.png
Heavenly Hall Xmark.png Dimension I Xmark.png
Sector A Xmark.png Dimension II Xmark.png
Sector B Xmark.png Dimension III Xmark.png
Sector C Xmark.png Dimension IV Yescheck.png
Planet Earthfall Xmark.png