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Glitches in Kirby: Squeak Squad

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Listed below are the glitches in Kirby: Squeak Squad. Please read the Glitch Disclaimer Notes before attempting any of the glitches on this page.

List of glitches[edit]

Bun clip[edit]

Through the use of a Bun and some star blocks, it is possible to clip Kirby through a wall. For Kirby to do this clip, he must first travel to Nature Notch - Secret with the Cupid ability bubble and get to the area with the two branching doors. Here, Kirby must choose the bottom doorway and he will come across a Bun and some star blocks. He must now break the first bottom block of the large star block wall, and now lure the Bun to grab him while under the overhang created. If all is done correctly, Kirby will should be thrown into the wall by the Bun. Here, Kirby may use the Cupid ability bubble to fly through the walls to his desire.[1]

Bouncy Ability Star[edit]

This is a simple bug that can allow an Ability Star to bounce weirdly by glitching it into the ceiling. This can be done on Jam Jungle - Stage 1 just before the Box Boxer fight. Kirby must drop his ability just before entering the fight which if done correctly, will get the drop star stuck in the ceiling.[2]

Chest float glitch[edit]

This is a very simple glitch that allows Kirby to lock himself out of a chest in Ice Island - Stage 3. To perform this glitch, Kirby must be equipped with the Hammer ability and any other Copy Ability bubble. With his hammer in hand, Kirby must progress through the stage up until the first chest. Here, he must hit the stake, and then use a Copy Ability bubble when the appearing tiles are about to hit the chest. Performing this correctly will show the chest sinking through the floor, becoming unobtainable until Kirby restarts the stage.[3]

Double Spark attack[edit]

Kirby breaks reality while trying to perform the glitch.

Using the Spark ability, it is possible to use two attacks at once. This glitch first requires Kirby to obtain Spark's Ability Scroll. At any place in the game, Kirby must charge up his spark attack to max charge. Once done, Kirby must press B, and then immediately after hold left or right. If performed correctly, Kirby will use both the projectile attack and barrier attack at the same time. This may cause a frame or two of glitchy particles if done on console.

Floor detection glitch[edit]

By standing on the very edge of any semisolid 45-degree slope ledge, Kirby will quickly alternate between his falling and landing animations. This happens because the game cannot tell if Kirby is under or on top of the ledge. This glitch is easier when using Metal Kirby, since the position required to perform it is pixel-perfect.[4]

Ice Bomb glitches[edit]

Two glitches can be performed with the Ice Bomb Copy Ability in Stage 2 of Gamble Galaxy.

In the first area with water below the floor, if the player makes Kirby drop ice bombs in a way such that every top tile of the water becomes ice, the Blippers will remain in their splashing animation upon touching the edge of the ice.

In the third area with water all around Kirby, he should throw ice bombs into the water around him to create a block. Once he produces an ice floor and ceiling, he should jump up to hit the ice celling. Then, the player should press B to hold a bomb, then float into the hole created when hitting the ceiling. Pressing B again will make Kirby throw the bomb. Doing so will teleport the bomb upwards to form an ice pillar.

Item glitch[edit]

This glitch allows Kirby to use a reserve item without it leaving his inventory. To perform the glitch, Kirby must simultaneously use his reserve item and obtain a new item. A key application of this glitch in TASes is Kirby's ability to acquire a big star in his inventory through a ? Bubble roulette. Having a big star in reserve allows Kirby to deal a large amount of damage to enemies or bosses.[5]

Ladder glitch[edit]

This glitch allows Kirby to clip through a wall before the Gao Gao fight in Nature Notch - Stage 3. For this glitch Kirby will need either the Fire (with Ability Scroll) or Wheel abilities. Kirby must now travel to the area before the fight with Gao Gao. When using the Wheel ability, Kirby must stand at the area above and to the left of the ladder, and then jump and use wheel attack to quickly trigger the screen scroll of the fight and then back in time to climb down the ladder, catching the screen and getting it stuck. Using Fire is much harder for Kirby to perform this glitch. He must first step very carefully down into the area where Gao Gao is fought, but not far enough to trigger the screen scroll. Proceeding this, Kirby must use the burning dash attack and jump as high as possible into the air at the same time. During this, he must also hold forward as to stop the screen scroll from getting too far. With correct timing, Kirby should be able to climb down the ladder in time without triggering the boss fight.[6]

Laser through wall glitch[edit]

By using the Laser ability in Jam Jungle - Secret, it is possible to fire lasers through a wall. Shortly after going into the secret room in the goal room, Kirby will come across a small section with sloped walls and ceilings. Firing at the floor here will cause the laser to fly up through the wall and then bounce on another invisible wall before disappearing.[7]

Sinking Maxim Tomato[edit]

In the first stage of Prism Plains, it is possible to sink the Maxim Tomato that is underwater in early in the stage. Kirby must have the Ice Bomb ability to perform this glitch. When attempting the glitch, Kirby must throw a bomb into the water where the tomato is. If done correctly, the water should freeze causing the tomato to slowly sink through the ground.[8]

Squeaks cutscene skip[edit]

In the fifth room of Prism Plains - Stage 3, Kirby will come across a large unavoidable treasure chest. Normally, collecting this chest triggers a brief cutscene in which the Squeaks appear and start chasing Kirby. However, if Kirby obtains the treasure chest in the previous room and spits it out immediately before collecting the new chest, the cutscene will be cut significantly short. This glitch is primarily used as a strategy in speedruns.[5]

Ghost clips[edit]

This glitch can be performed in any stage with a Sword Knight, Metalun, or Heavy Knight and a 45-degree slope that ends with a wall. To perform it, Kirby must use Ghost to possess one of these enemies, then position them one or two blocks away from the wall before using an attack. If done correctly, Kirby may clip into the wall.

Uja lock[edit]

By using an Uja and the Ghost ability, it is possible to softlock Kirby in a 1x1 space. This can be done in Nature Notch - Secret by possessing the first Uja found in the stage, then going to the area with the large wooden structure filled with enemies. Once there, Kirby must get make the Uja latch on the the Waddle Dee that is in the top left space in the structure. If done correctly, Kirby should now be stuck inside the wall - the only way out being to exit the stage.[9]

Weird Crimp interaction[edit]

This is a small bug that uses Ghost and a Crimp to cause a weird interaction with corners. By jumping into the bottom corner of a block, the Crimp will stop its animation and slowly fall until it gets unstuck from the corner.[10]