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Lollipop Land - Stage 1

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Lollipop Land - Stage 1
KTD Lollipop Land Stage 1 select.png
Stage 1 on the Lollipop Land level hub.
Level Lollipop Land
Hypernova Section? No
Sun Stones 3
Keychains 3
Rare Keychain Starship
Mid-Bosses Grand Wheelie
Theme music

Clip of the music that primarily plays in Lollipop Land - Stage 1.

Stage order
Fine Fields - Stage 6 EX Lollipop Land - Stage 2
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Lollipop Land - Stage 1 is the first stage in Lollipop Land. There are three Sun Stones and 3 keychains in this stage. The rare keychain is one depicting the Starship.


The stage begins on a mound, with the path leading downward. From there, Kirby heads to the right along an open path patrolled by a Lollipop Tank.

In the next area, Kirby contends with Grand Wheelie, who can yield the Wheel ability upon defeat. From there, Kirby can ride up a series of slopes to reach the next area.

From there, the Lollipop Tank pursues Kirby again. At the end of this path, the stage exit can be found.

Sun Stone & Rare Keychain Guide[edit]

  • Sun Stone 1 - On the first path with the Lollipop Tank, Kirby can find this stone by breaking away a fragile section of cliff.
  • Sun Stone 2 - On the Wheelie slopes, Kirby can find a side-door guarded by Gordos (which can be slipped by with Wheel or Beetle). Once inside, Kirby engages in a timed switch challenge to get the stone.
  • Sun Stone 3 - In the last area, Kirby must activate a Bomb Block under the path, which will open up a pit for the Lollipop Tank to drop into. If the tank hadn't been allowed to progress further, Kirby can then use a 3D Warp Star to find this sun stone inside a Treasure Chest situated atop stone blocks.
  • Rare Keychain - At the start of the second Lollipop Tank section, this keychain can be found in a box immediately to the left.

Enemies, Mid-Bosses and Abilities[edit]

Regular Enemies Mid-Boss

Abilities Special

  • N/A



  • The opening area of this stage is very likely a reference to the opening area of Peanut Plains, the first stage in the Dyna Blade mode from Kirby Super Star and Kirby Super Star Ultra. They are both vertically oriented, starting the player at the very top of the area, and requiring them to fall through or around semi-solid platforms. Not only are said platforms placed in similar locations between the games, but there is also a Sir Kibble near the bottom in both instances, not to mention the doors being in similar spots as well.