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Screencap of a section of Sub-Tree in Kirby Super Star Ultra.
Main game The Great Cave Offensive
Mid-boss(es) Bonkers
Boss Fatty Whale
Treasures 13
Theme music

Sub-Tree Area

Clip of the theme that plays in Sub-Tree, from Kirby Super Star

Stage order
First stage Crystal
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Sub-Tree is the first section of The Great Cave Offensive, and the area where Kirby initially falls into (and eventually climbs back out from). As the name implies, the area is an underground forest, with lots of trees and foliage. The Boss of Sub-Tree is Fatty Whale, and a Mine Cart ride leads to Crystal from this stage. There are 13 Treasures in this area.


The initial hallway has no treasures in it, but it is lined with a number of small stone steps and is very distinctive. Kirby will eventually find his way back here after clearing through the entirety of the cave, where a Warp Star will be waiting to take him back out again. A door can be found to the right which will lead into the first proper room of Sub-Tree.

The first room is a jungle-like walkway, where Knuckle Joe will be the first to greet our pink spelunker. There are several enemies and side-chambers to be discovered here, most of which hold treasure of some sort. There are three treasures here.

The second room is a more narrow and elaborate tunnel, with a few branches and off-shoots. There are two treasures here.

The third room is a more elaborate series of tunnels with magma in some. Kirby will have to watch where he steps. Along the way, a Save Room can be found. There are four treasures here.

The fourth room is a segmented jungle area. Bonkers is encountered here, though he can be defeated easily by breaking the floor out from under him. This area is split into several smaller chambers, accessible by ladder. There are two treasures here.

The fifth room is a more open jungle area, with lots of foes inside and a bottomless pit below. Some String Platforms can be found here, which need to be cut to access certain areas. There are two treasures here.

From here, the boss room awaits (details in the Boss section below).


Sub-Tree Area Treasures  
Treasure Image Value How to reach
KSS Sub-Tree treasure 01.png
Gold Medal
KSS Gold Medal Treasure Sprite.png Goldmedal.png 10,000 G This treasure is out in the open in the first main room.
KSS Sub-Tree treasure 02.png
Gold Coin
KSS Gold Coin Treasure Sprite.png Goldcoin.png 1,000 G This treasure is inside a side-chamber from the first room guarded by two Lovelies. It can be found in a water pit.
KSS Sub-Tree treasure 03.png
KSS Whip Treasure Sprite.png Whip.png 6,800 G This treasure is in a small grotto under the main path in the first room. Kirby has to break some (but not all) Bomb Blocks to open the way.
KSS Sub-Tree treasure 04.png
Crystal Ball
KSS Crystal Ball Treasure Sprite.png Crystalball.png 200,000 G This treasure can be found past a series of Gates in the second room, which Kirby has to open by pressing switches, then running through before they close.
KSS Sub-Tree treasure 05.png
Lucky Cat
KSS Lucky Cat Sprite.png KSSU Lucky Cat Sprite.png 500 G This treasure can be found in a small chamber above the waterway in the second room.
KSS Sub-Tree treasure 06.png
Seiryu Sword
KSS Seiryu Sword Treasure Sprite.png Seiryusword.png 142,000 G This treasure can be found above the magma chamber at the beginning of the third room. Kirby has to make sure it doesn't land in the magma, or it will be destroyed (but he can get it again if he leaves and comes back).
KSS Sub-Tree treasure 07.png
Screw Ball (Kirby Super Star)
KSS Screw Ball Treasure Sprite.png Screwattack.png 80,000 G This treasure can be found beneath a Bomb Block barrier in the floor in a small grotto in the third room.
Screw Attack (Kirby Super Star Ultra)
KSS Sub-Tree treasure 08.png
Echigo Candy
KSS Echigo Candy Treasure Sprite.png Echigocandy.png 8,000 G This treasure can be found in the ceiling, behind some breakable blocks in the third room.
KSS Sub-Tree treasure 09.png
Zebra Mask (Kirby Super Star)
KSS Zebra Mask Treasure Sprite.png Phantomask.png 278,000 G This treasure is in a long cave in the floor through some water from the third room. Barriers will have to be broken from the outside to clear the way.
Phanto Mask (Kirby Super Star Ultra)
KSS Sub-Tree treasure 10.png
Star Stone
KSS Star Stone Treasure Sprite.png Starstone.png 82,100 G This treasure can be found in the top-left corner of the fourth room, in a small chamber accessible by a Cannon.
KSS Sub-Tree treasure 11.png
Beast's Fang
KSS Beast's Fang Treasure Sprite.png Beast'sfang.png 7,300 G This treasure can be found in the lower-right of the fourth room, in a small chamber that has two Gordos buzzing around inside.
KSS Sub-Tree treasure 12.png
KSS Bandana Treasure Sprite.png Bandana.png 1.990 G This treasure can be found in the middle of the fifth room, held up by three Bomb Block barriers. All three need to be removed to access it.
KSS Sub-Tree treasure 13.png
Springtime (Kirby Super Star)
KSS Springtime Heart Sprite.png Seasonsheart.png 250,000 G This treasure can be found in a grotto under the main path of the fifth room, accessible by cutting a string platform.
Seasons Heart (Kirby Super Star Ultra)

Enemies, mid-boss, and boss[edit]

Sprite (KSS/Ultra) Name Copy Ability Sprite (KSS/Ultra) Name Copy Ability Sprite (KSS/Ultra) Name Copy Ability
KSS Birdon Sprite 2.png BirdonEnemyPaletteSpriteSSU.png Birdon Wing KSS Knuckle Joe.png KnucklejoeSSU.png Knuckle Joe Fighter KSS Simirror.png SimirrorSSU.png Simirror Mirror
KSS Bronto Burt.png BrontoburtSSU.png Bronto Burt None KSS Lovely.png LovelySSU.png Lovely N/A KSS Sir Kibble.png SirkibbleSSU.png Sir Kibble Cutter
KSS Gator.png GatorSSU.png Gator None KSS Magical Sweeper.png SweeperSSU.png Magical Sweeper None KSS Squishy.png SquishySSU.png Squishy None
KSS Gordo.png GordoSSU.png Gordo N/A KSS Plasma Wisp.png PlasmawispSSU.png Plasma Wisp Plasma KSS TAC.png TacSSU.png T.A.C. Copy
KSS Grizzo.png GrizzoSSU.png Grizzo None KSS Poppy Bros Jr Sprite.png PoppyjrSSU.png Poppy Bros. Jr. Cutter KSS Waddle Dee.png DeeSSU.png Waddle Dee None
KSS Kabu.png KabuSSU.png Kabu None KSS Scarfy sprite.png ScarfySSU.png Scarfy Crash (if scanned with Copy) KSS Waddle Doo.png DooSSU.png Waddle Doo (and Swinging Waddle Doo) Beam
Sprite (KSS/Ultra) Name Copy Ability
KSS Bonkers.png BonkersSSU.png Bonkers Hammer
Sprite (KSS) Name Copy Ability
KSS Fatty Whale Sprite.png Fatty Whale Stone (from falling rocks)

Boss: Fatty Whale[edit]

Main article: Fatty Whale
Kirby punches out Fatty Whale.

Just before entering the boss chamber, Kirby has the choice of three Copy Essences. They are Jet, Mirror and Sword.

In the main chamber, Kirby fights the giant whale boss from a bridge spanning over the water. Fatty Whale mainly uses its girth to attack, causing giant waves to carry Kirby off whenever it jumps, and making rocks fall from the ceiling. Defeating it clears the way forward to the first Mine Cart ride, then to the next area, Crystal.