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The Battle of Blizzard Bridge

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The Battle of Blizzard Bridge
KatFL The Battle of Blizzard Bridge select screenshot.png
The Battle of Blizzard Bridge in the Winter Horns hub.
Level Winter Horns
No. of Waddle Dees 11
Mouthful Mode(s) Car Mouth
Cone Mouth
Dome Mouth
Pipe Mouth
Vending Mouth
Mid-Boss(es) Fleurina
Wild Bonkers
Wild Edge
Wild Frosty
Blueprint Frosty Ice
Theme music

Main theme for the stage.

Stage order
Windy, Freezing Seas An Unexpected Beast King
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The Battle of Blizzard Bridge is the fourth stage of Winter Horns in Kirby and the Forgotten Land. In this stage, Kirby crosses a long broken bridge and battles all four of the game's Mid-Bosses along the way, in a twist on the classic Tower of Mid-Bosses stage format. While doing this, he can find hidden side areas where Waddle Dees are being held captive.

There are two Capsules from Vol. 1 and one from Vol. 2 to collect in this stage, and five missions to complete. There are a total of 11 Waddle Dees to rescue here, when including the mission objectives. The blueprint for Frosty Ice can be found here.

Stage overview[edit]

Kirby at the mouth of the bridge.

This stage consists of one long main area, with a short introductory area and four hidden side areas.

In the introductory area, Kirby stands at the entrance to the ominous bridge in the fog. If he looks around, he might be able to find a snack before proceeding onto the bridge proper.

The main area of the bridge is one long continuous walkway, broken up by four battles with Mid-Bosses, with breaks and other enemies in-between. The bosses are fought in this order: Wild Edge, Fleurina, Wild Bonkers, then Twin Wild Frosty. After each fight, Kirby has an opportunity to use the ability he gains from each in side areas to rescue some Waddle Dees. After the last battle, Kirby can collect the blueprint for Frosty Ice and is free to head to the gold cage at the far end of the bridge.

Secret Path[edit]

Like many other "Towers" throughout the series, The Battle of Blizzard Bridge has a secret path through the stage, which is tougher than the main path, but offers greater rewards. In order to access this path, Kirby needs to find some footholds to jump onto in the area at the start where the Maxim Tomato is. From there, he needs to get onto a high walkway and then jump into an open window.

From this point on, Kirby is traveling along the high towers of the bridge via Warp Star, rather than going on foot on the bridge itself. Every battle he faces is against twin variants of each Mid-Boss, with the exception of Wild Frosty, who is first fought by himself, and then fought as twins with Shotzos supporting. One of these twins fights in the exact same fashion as in the isolated isles of Forgo Dreams, while the other twin fights in the same way as in the rest of Story Mode. Kirby has access to the same side areas and objectives as in the normal path, but these side areas have also been made more difficult.

At the end of the last fight, Kirby can reach a separate gold cage behind a dome. Opening the dome and hitting the switch inside showers Kirby in many extra goodies for completing this harder path.

Differences between difficulties[edit]

There do not appear to be any differences in the number of enemies between Spring-Breeze Mode and Wild Mode.


Kirby finding one of the wanted posters in a side room.

The Battle of Blizzard Bridge has five missions to complete, as follows:

  • "Clear the stage" - Kirby must complete the stage.
  • "Save the hidden Waddle Dees" - Kirby must find and rescue the five hidden Waddle Dees in silver cages. Their locations are as follows:
    • Waddle Dee 1: This Waddle Dee can be found in the first side area. Kirby will need to cut the cone down from the vine, bring it to the lowest floor, and use it to break the floor open.
    • Waddle Dee 2: This Waddle Dee can be found in the second side area. Kirby needs to use Tornado to activate the Windmill Switch and then hit the regular switch behind the gate that opens. Then he needs to quickly gain Vending Mouth and waddle along the sinking platform to break the blue shutter.
    • Waddle Dee 3: This Waddle Dee can be found in the third side area. Kirby needs to use Hammer to pound a series of stakes to make the walls on the upper walkway slide back, and then quickly gain Car Mouth and use it to drive over to the Waddle Dee before the Clocker's timer expires.
    • Waddle Dee 4: This Waddle Dee can be found down a hole in the bridge right before the battle with Twin Wild Frosty. Kirby needs to hop down there, save him, and then hover back up.
      • On the Secret Path, this Waddle Dee can be found by finding the glowing area after defeating Twin Wild Bonkers and following the effect to the next tower.
    • Waddle Dee 5: This Waddle Dee can be found in the fourth side area, accessible using the Ice ability. Kirby needs to first freeze the Kabu and then kick it to hit the switch. This will raise a platform which can be used during Pipe Mouth to crash through a breakable wall.
  • "Remove 4 wanted posters" - Kirby must locate and remove four of the Beast Pack's wanted posters throughout the stage. Their locations are as follows:
    • Poster 1: Located in the first side area, at the bottom to the left.
    • Poster 2: Located in the second side area, high above the door. It can be reached after saving the Waddle Dee.
    • Poster 3: Located in the third side area, to the left on the wall behind the Mookie.
    • Poster 4: Located in the fourth side area, just above the passage that Pipe-Mouth Kirby uncovers.
  • "Beat Twin Wild Frosty without getting hit" - Kirby must battle and defeat Twin Wild Frosty without ever taking damage during the fight. If done on the secret path, this includes taking damage from the Shotzos and their cannon fire.
  • "Take a detour and find a Maxim Tomato" - Kirby must find the hidden Maxim Tomato. It can be found at the start of the stage, off to the left.

Enemies and Abilities[edit]

Regular Enemies Bosses & Mid-Bosses

Abilities Mouthful Mode(s)


Normal path[edit]

Secret Path[edit]

Video walkthrough[edit]

100% walkthrough of The Battle of Blizzard Bridge (normal path).
100% walkthrough of The Battle of Blizzard Bridge (secret path).

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ブリザードブリッヂのたたか
Burizādo Buriddji no Tatakai
The Battle of Blizzard Bridge
Traditional Chinese 暴風雪橋梁之戰
Bàofēngxuě Qiáoliáng zhī Zhàn
The Battle of Blizzard Bridge
Simplified Chinese 暴风雪桥梁之战
Bàofēngxuě Qiáoliáng zhī Zhàn
Dutch De strijd om de sneeuwstormbrug The battle of the snowstorm bridge
French Bataille sur le pont du blizzard Battle on the blizzard bridge
German Schlacht auf der Blizzardbrücke Battle on the Blizzard bridge
Italian Battaglia sul ponte ghiacciato Battle on the frozen bridge
Korean 블리자드 브리지에서의 전투
Beullijadeu Beurijieseoui Jeontu
The Battle of Blizzard Bridge
Latin American Spanish Lucha en el Puente Gélido Brawl at the Frozen Bridge
European Spanish Lucha en el Puente de Cristal Brawl at the Crystal Bridge