Yogurt Yard - Stage 4

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Yogurt Yard - Stage 4
Yogurt Yard NinDL Stage 4.jpg
Kirby whips a Waddle Dee using Beam. (Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land)
Level Yogurt Yard
Mid Boss(es) Meta-Knights
Big Switch Yescheck.png
Stage order
Yogurt Yard - Stage 3 Yogurt Yard - Stage 5
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Yogurt Yard - Stage 4 is the fourth stage of Yogurt Yard, the fifth level of Kirby's Adventure and its remake, Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land.


This stage consists of five main areas. The first takes place in a long tunnel lined with spikes. Kirby can traverse this more easily using Burning.

In the next room, the Meta-Knights ambush Kirby on decks.

The next area is an outside affair, as Kirby must make his way past tall cliffs and waterfalls. A secret passageway can be found along the way which leads to a separate series of rooms, one of which contains a Big Switch (taking this secret route also skips the room described next).

Kirby is taken to a long and winding underground river full of spikes and Gordos. He will need to swim through carefully.

In the last area, Kirby must fall down a long waterfall past many enemies. Here, he can make good use of his Dive Attack to get safely to the stage exit.

Enemies and Mid-Bosses[edit]

Sprite (Adv/NinDL) Name Copy Ability Sprite (Adv/NinDL) Name Copy Ability
KA Blade Knight sprite.png KNiD E BladeKnight.png Blade Knight Sword KA Gordo sprite.png KNiD E Gordo.png Gordo N/A
KA Blipper sprite.png KNiD E Blipper.png Blipper None KA Poppy Bros Jr sprite.png KNiD E PoppyBrosJr.png Poppy Bros. Jr. None
KA Bounder sprite.png KNiD E Gip.png Bounder/Gip None KA Sparky sprite.png KNiD E Sparky.png Sparky Spark
KA Bubbles sprite.png KNiD E Bubbles.png Bubbles Ball KA Squishy sprite.png KNiD E Squishy.png Squishy None
KA Flamer sprite.png KNiD E Flamer.png Flamer FireBall/Burning KA Waddle Dee sprite.png KNiDL Waddle Dee sprite.png Waddle Dee None
KA Glunk sprite.png KNiD E Glunk.png Glunk None KA Waddle Doo sprite.png KNiD E WaddleDoo.png Waddle Doo Beam
Sprite (Adv/NinDL) Name Copy Ability
KA Axe Knight sprite.png Axe Knight NinDL.png
KA Trident Knight sprite.png Trident Knight NinDL.png
Meta-Knights (Axe Knight and Trident Knight) None