Kirby Card Swipe

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Sub-Game InfoBox
Card Swipe.png
Level selection menu for Kirby Card Swipe.
Type(s) Reflex - Memory
Levels 3
Players 1 - 4
Appears in Kirby Super Star Ultra
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Kirby Card Swipe is one of the Sub-Games offered in Kirby Super Star Ultra. This Sub-Game is unlocked and available immediately for even new gamefiles. The game is touch controlled and played on the lower screen of the Nintendo DS. Kirby Card Swipe is playable in both single player and up to four players via a wireless connection.[1] The two player game can be done with even only one Game Card.[2] The one player mode offers three levels of difficulty at the start of the sub-game. Kirby Card Swipe maintains a Japanese art style with the appearance of the on-screen characters, fonts, and decorative elements.


A draw in play

The game pits four colored Kirbys (pink, yellow, red, green) in a card game. The game is a speed/reaction style card game with a slight degree of memorization involved. An array of cards (face up) will be shown on the lower screen (not all cards will be orientated correctly). The players have an unknown amount of time to study the cards and the placements. The sliding doors in the top screen will open and reveal a card similar to one of the lower screen cards.[3] The players compete to be the first to touch the matching card.[4]

The following rounds will vary in cards used, number of cards displayed, and flair passing the lower screen. The rounds will continue until one of the players wins 3 rounds. With four competitors the most possible is nine draws. Other than being slower than the winner, and choosing the wrong card, a player can be out for touching a card too early.


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  2. "Child units can participate even if they do not have a Game Card." (Kirby Super Star Ultra manual, pg. 27)
  3. "Observe the cards on the top screen. Touch the same card on the touch screen!" —Kirby Super Star Ultra (in-game instructions)
  4. "Be the first to get 3 cards right!" —Kirby Super Star Ultra (in-game instructions)
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