Kirby Card Swipe

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Kirby Card Swipe
Card Swipe.png
Level selection menu for Kirby Card Swipe.
Type(s) Reflex - Memory
Levels 3
Players 1 - 4
Appears in Kirby Super Star Ultra
Theme music

no music given

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Quote1.png Be the first to tap the card on the bottom screen that matches the card appearing on the top screen. The first to three[sic] wins. Quote2.png
— Kirby Super Star Ultra manual

Kirby Card Swipe is one of the Sub-Games that appears in Kirby Super Star Ultra, and is available from the start of the game. Like the other Sub-Games, Kirby Card Swipe is played from the lower screen and requires the use of the Stylus. It is available in both single player and multiplayer, where up to four players can participate.[1] Alternatively, two players can play from a single Game Card.[2] As with the other Sub-Games, Kirby Card Swipe has three difficulty levels in single player mode.

Kirby Card Swipe maintains a traditional Japanese theme, including the building architecture, karuta playing cards, and the outfits worn by Kirbys, which is identical to their Quick Draw outfits from Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land.


Kirby Card Swipe is a basic reaction card game also requiring a slight degree of memorization. As with the other Sub-Games, four Kirbys (pink, yellow, red, and green) compete each other.

The bottom screen displays an array of faced-up cards each depicting a random Kirby character, while the top screen displays a closed sliding door and each Kirby's score. In each round, the player must quickly memorize the cards, as pink blossoms (sometimes white-and-red shurikens) float across the cards. Shortly afterward, the door opens, revealing a wooden post with an identical card to one of the bottom screen options. The player must immediately tap the matching card before one of their opponents. Whoever taps the card first wins the round and gains a point. The area in which each Kirby tapped is represented by a Japanese character in their color.

For each round, players only have one attempt at tapping a card: they cannot re-select their option. If a player taps on a card too early, they cannot participate for another two rounds. The first player to achieve three points wins. The Sub-Game can have up to nine rounds.

Based on the level difficulty, the cards display a different type of character: the first level displays enemies, the second level shows mid-bosses and the third level shows bosses. There are more cards appearing on the bottom screen based on the level's difficulty.


A handful of the cards depict characters that do not appear elsewhere in the game, sorted by debut appearance:

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese タッチ! 刹那のカルタ
Tatchi! Setsuna no Karuta-tori
Touch! Karuta Competition in a Flash


  1. "Up to four people can play sub-games via a wireless connection."Kirby Super Star Ultra manual (page 28)
  2. "Child units can participate even if they do not have a Game Card."Kirby Super Star Ultra manual (page 28)
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