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Gigant Sword

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Gigant Sword
KatFL Gigant Sword Kirby artwork.png
Artwork of Gigant Sword Kirby from Kirby and the Forgotten Land
Based on Sword
Blueprint location Circuit Speedway
Cost KatFL Star Coin icon.png×500 and KatFL Rare Stone icon.png×2
Starting Power-up Cost KatFL Star Coin icon.png×1200 and KatFL Rare Stone icon.png×3
No. Power-ups 2
Power(s) Wield a gigantic sword as well as a shield that blocks most damage
Starting Power 3.5
Rapid-Fire 1
Similar to Meta Knight Sword
Morpho Knight Sword
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This big ol' sword is definitely gigant...ic! It's a bit hard to swing around, but it'll keep you well guarded. Use it to shield yourself from an attack, then go on the offensive!
— Figure description segment from Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Gigant Sword is an Evolved Copy Ability based on Sword that appears in Kirby and the Forgotten Land. With this ability, Kirby wields an outfit as well as a sword and shield that resembles Wild Edge. Although slow, this ability's sword swings can do considerable damage. When guarding, Kirby pulls out a shield that negates most forms of damage and is also able to move around with the shield up, but he cannot dodge.

The blueprint for Gigant Sword can be found in Circuit Speedway, appearing inside a Treasure Chest along the main path which pops up as a reward for defeating Wild Edge in that stage. Gigant Sword is required for the Treasure Road stage Slash and Slice! Gigant Sword Trial.


All attack names come from the Kirby and the Forgotten Land Perfect Support Guide unless otherwise stated.

Gigant Sword moveset 
Move Button execution Description
B Kirby slashes in front of him.
Multisword Attack
B after Slash Kirby slashes two more times. The two slashes are performed consecutively and cannot be canceled midway.
B after Multislash Kirby spins and slashes with a larger range.
Sword Spin
B in midair Kirby spins in a circle with the sword.
Gigant Crack
Hold B a short time and release Kirby strikes the ground with the sword, which produces a shockwave. Kirby can move slowly while charging.
Hyper Gigant Crack
Hold B a longer time and release Kirby strikes the ground with the sword harder, which produces a large shockwave.
Sword Slide
Slide (Guard + A) Kirby slides forwards with his sword outstretched.
Upward Slash
A while sliding Kirby rises into the air while slashing.
Sword Dive
B during Upward Slash Kirby dives downward with the sword, creating a large shockwave upon landing.
Guard[conjectural title] L/R Kirby pulls out a spiky shield and sets it in front of him. While using this move, Kirby can move slowly, which will damage enemies in front of him. He is also invulnerable to most attacks in this state, but he cannot dodge.

Flavor Text[edit]

Image Game Flavor Text
KatFL Boxart NA.jpg Kirby and the Forgotten Land Figure description:

This big ol' sword is definitely gigant...ic! It's a bit hard to swing around, but it'll keep you well guarded. Use it to shield yourself from an attack, then go on the offensive!

Weapons-Shop Waddle Dee:
To shield yourself while using Gigant Sword, just press L/R. You can still move while you guard!



Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ギガントソード
Giganto Sōdo
Gigant Sword
Traditional Chinese 龐大利劍
Pángdà Lìjiàn
Gigant Sword
Simplified Chinese 庞大利剑
Pángdà Lìjiàn
French Epée Gigalame Gigant Edge Sword
German Kolossales Schwert Colossal Sword
Korean 기간트 스워드
Giganteu Seuwodeu
Gigant Sword
Spanish Espada Gigante Gigant Sword