Shadow Kirby

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Shadow Kirby
SKC Sticker Shadow Kirby.png
Artwork of Shadow Kirby as a sticker in Super Kirby Clash.
First appearance Kirby & The Amazing Mirror
Cameo appearances Kirby Star Allies
Super Kirby Clash
Related character(s) Kirby
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This article is about the dark Kirby lookalike from Kirby & The Amazing Mirror. For the final boss of Kirby Fighters, see Shadow Kirby (Kirby Fighters).

Shadow Kirby (also referred to as Mirror-world Kirby[1]) is a character from Kirby & The Amazing Mirror. As his name implies, he is a shadowy version of Kirby who hails from the Mirror World, and is initially taken to be an enemy. He appears in various places where he will either help or attack Kirby based on the latter's actions, and tosses the pink hero the Master sword during the final battle with Dark Mind if he does not already have it. Shadow Kirby has made a few minor cameo appearances in subsequent games, either in person or as a representation.

Game appearances[edit]

Kirby & The Amazing Mirror[edit]

In Kirby & The Amazing Mirror, Shadow Kirby is first seen in the cut-scene where Dark Meta Knight banishes Meta Knight through the Great Dimension Mirror, then shatters the pieces of the mirror, scattering them to the far winds. After Dark Meta Knight leaves the scene, Shadow Kirby appears from off-screen, then follows him through the door.

From there, Shadow Kirby can be encountered in various places throughout the world. When he appears, it is usually from behind a wall, as a sinister music-queue kicks in. He comes with 4 HP and can be easily defeated. In his first appearance in Rainbow Route he is not actually hostile, and will merely walk into position, then look at Kirby, however in later ones he will try to attack Kirby with a Copy Ability. If Kirby attacks him, he will leave behind a present before being 'dispatched', usually in the form of a 1-Up. However, he will not leave a present if Kirby inhales him or does nothing to him. It is unclear why Shadow Kirby will only leave a present after being attacked. It is also unclear how he survives being inhaled and swallowed by Kirby.

Shadow Kirby gives a Copy Ability or none when swallowed in different areas.

During the final fight with Dark Mind, Shadow Kirby appears to give Kirby another 1-Up (or the Master sword if Kirby doesn't already have it), this time making it clear that he is an ally. He appears again after the credits roll on a Warp Star to see the other Kirbys off back to their own dimension.

Kirby Star Allies[edit]

Shadow Kirby on a Warp Star from his Kirby Star Allies model

Shadow Kirby makes some cameo appearances in Kirby Star Allies.

Additionally, according to Shinya Kumazaki, Shadow Kirby was considered as a Dream Friends for Kirby Star Allies, along with other characters such as Drawcia, Elline and Galacta Knight, but ultimately wasn't chosen due to a rule that was established soon after, which only permitted one character per main series title, and Dark Meta Knight was chosen as Kirby & The Amazing Mirror's representative instead[2].

Super Kirby Clash[edit]

Shadow Kirby cameos as a sticker. His sticker comes with the caption "Bye."


  • Shadow Kirby's official art from Kirby & The Amazing Mirror is just a monochrome, reversed image of Kirby entering a door from the manuals of Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland and Kirby & The Amazing Mirror. Thus, Shadow Kirby's face cannot be seen in his official art.
  • Kirby can take on Shadow Kirby's likeness using the Shadow Spray Paint in Kirby: Squeak Squad.
  • The relationship between Shadow Kirby and the Shadow Kirby from Kirby Fighters is still unknown.
  • In the official Twitter post, Shadow Kirby on his Warp Star is mistaken as a wishmaking shooting star by Zan Partizanne, and she wishes Hyness could remember her name.[3]
  • Unlike Kirby, who is seen as more heroic and brave throughout the games, Shadow Kirby is seen as more cowardly, such as when instead of fighting Dark Mind directly, he instead just gives the Kirbys a 1-Up or the Master Ability.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese シャドーカービィ
Shadō Kābii
Shadow Kirby
Chinese 暗影卡比
Ànyǐng kǎ bǐ
Dark Shadow Kirby

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