Twin Kracko

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Boss InfoBox
Twin Kracko Splash.jpg
Splash card for Twin Kracko
Debut Game Kirby Star Allies
Weakness(es) Blizzard
Relative(s) Kracko
Similar to Twin Woods
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Twin Kracko are a duo Boss who made their debut in Kirby Star Allies. They appear on the Gabbel Moon stage in Far-Flung Starlight Heroes, right after Kracko is defeated. They are also fought in Guest Star ???? Star Allies Go! and The Ultimate Choice - again after Kracko.


Twin Kracko possess most of the same attacks as Kracko solo, but they coordinate their attacks to cover a great deal more ground at once. They are also individually larger than Kracko solo, making it even harder to dodge their swooping movements. However, they are not without their weaknesses, as when they perform their rain attack, they can be greatly harmed by Zap element moves or even frozen by Blizzard element moves.

Twin Kracko have 7200 HP in Story Mode and Guest Star ???? Star Allies Go!, and 5400 HP in The Ultimate Choice. (Both Kracko share the same health bar; for referece, a Star Bullet does 520 damage.)


The following table lists all of Twin Kracko's attacks in Kirby Star Allies:

Twin Kracko's attacks in Kirby Star Allies  
Attack Description
Twin Waterfall Twin Kracko begin pouring torrents of rain below themselves, leaving many Recoil Stars when finished.
  • Twin Kracko take 0.5× damage during Twin Waterfall.
  • If the waterfall takes enough Blizzard element attacks, it will cause Twin Kracko to freeze and fall down for a few seconds. Frozen Twin Kracko take 2× damage.
  • For each time the waterfall takes a Zap element attack, it does 100 damage to Twin Kracko.
  • The Parasol ability can protect the user from the rain; the Chumbrella can protect other allies under.
Twin Beam Twin Kracko fire swirling beam whips around themselves. Twin Kracko may also perform this while moving across the stage.
  • Twin Kracko take 0.7× damage during Twin Beam.
Twin Dancing Twin Kracko tackle and swoop across the stage in unison.
Twin Lightning Rain
Twin Inazuma Rain)
Twin Kracko fire green lightning bolts while moving. Then, they go back to the middle and fire more potent purple lightning bolts that leave sparks on the ground.
  • Twin Kracko take 0.7× damage during green lightning bolts and take 0.5× damage during purple lightning bolts.
Twin Enemy Drop
Twin Kracko drop enemies, which can be either Chilly or Waddle Doo. Ironically, these enemies yield the Copy Abilities Twin Kracko are weak to.

Parallel Twin Kracko

Splash card of Parallel Twin Kracko.

In Heroes in Another Dimension, another variant of this boss exists, known as Parallel Twin Kracko. It bears a dark red cloud body with red eyes and spikes, but is largely the same as the original, meant only to segue into the proper EX battle with Parallel Big Kracko.


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  • Twin Kracko can be considered a counterpart of Twin Woods. Both Whispy Woods and Kracko are the most recurring bosses in the Kirby series, and individuals of both species are shown to live on other planets besides Planet Popstar.
  • Twin Kracko can be frozen by a single Ice ability user using Ice Storm to the Twin Waterfall.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ツインクラッコ
Tsuin Kurakko
Twin Kracko
Chinese 双重独眼云 (chs)
雙重獨眼雲 (cht)
shuāng chóng dú yǎ yún
Twin Kracko
(Kracko is literally translated as "Cycloptic Cloud".)