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Gourmet Go Go (Dedede's Drum Dash)

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Gourmet Go Go
DDD Gourmet Go Go select.png
Gourmet Go Go on the level select for Dedede's Drum Dash.
Host game Dedede's Drum Dash
Time limit 2:00
Silver score 25000
Gold score 30200
Platinum score (unclear, somewhere around 33000)
Theme music

Clip of the music that plays in Gourmet Go Go

Stage Progression
Green Greens Dedede's Theme
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This article is about the stage in Dedede's Drum Dash. For the battle stage in Kirby Fighters 2, see Gourmet Go Go.
The tempo increases in this gourmet track! Watch for moving drums!
— In-game caption for Gourmet Go Go from Dedede's Drum Dash

Gourmet Go Go is the second stage in Dedede's Drum Dash, in Kirby: Triple Deluxe. It is a brisk-tempo stage set to a rearrangement of the Gourmet Race theme which features a fair amount of enemies and some moving drums.


This stage spans a total of 62 drums from beginning to end. The stage begins fairly calmly, with a few lines of coins and a few minor enemies. The first set of moving drums appear underneath Bronto Burts that fly back and forth to the music. From here, Dedede will need to contend with some Gordos that sit along the path, leaping over or keeping under them as the gaps start to appear in the drum line. Further down the path, fleets of Soarars appear which will also need to be avoided. The stage ends after a few trickier leaps over large Gordos and moving drums.


The following enemies can be found in Gourmet Go Go:



Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 激突!グルメレース
Gekitotsu! Gurume Rēsu
Crash! Gourmet Race
French Rallye Exquis Exquisite Rally
German Formel Mampf Formula Munch
Italian Gara dei Buongustai Gourmet Race
Korean 대결! 음식 레이스
daegyeol! eumsig leiseu
Battle! Food Race
Spanish Carrera gourmet Gourmet race