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Rowdy Charge Tank

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Rowdy Charge Tank
KAR Rowdy Charge Tank artwork.jpg
Artwork of a Rowdy Charge Tank from Kirby Air Ride
Use Causes Kirby's machine to go haywire for a moment
Obtained Green boxes or out in the open in City Trial
Game(s) Kirby Air Ride
Comparable to Charge Tank
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This article is about the City Trial item. For the item in Top Ride, see Charge Tank. For the theme associated with the event, see Green Greens (theme).
This article is about the item in City Trial in Kirby Air Ride, and should not be confused with other items that resemble batteries.
Screenshot of Kirby under the influence of the haywire charge tank.

Rowdy Charge Tank is an item that can appear in City Trial in Kirby Air Ride, resembling a battery with a lightning bolt insignia on it surrounded by a flash decal. The Rowdy Charge Tank item can be found either out in the open or from inside green boxes. When the item is collected by a racer, his Air Ride Machine will "run amok", glowing bright white and moving at incredibly high speed for a brief period of time before burning out and returning to normal. Depending on the situation and the machine being used, this may be an advantage to the racer or a detriment, but it is usually portrayed as a disadvantage, since the machine generally becomes much harder to control while this item's effect is active. For machines that use charge as "fuel", namely the Bulk Star and Hydra, the burnout at the end can also cause problems, since the tank is automatically emptied when this happens.

One of the random events in City Trial causes all the racers to gain the "Rowdy Charge Tank" effect for a while.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スーパーチャージ[1]
Sūpā Chāji
Super Charge