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Yggy Woods

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Yggy Woods
KSA Yggy Woods.jpg
Screenshot of Yggy Woods from Kirby Star Allies.
First game Kirby Star Allies (2018)
Copy Abilities Fire (Burst Fruit)
Festival (golden cherry)
Weakness(es) Sizzle
Similar to Whispy Woods, Flowery Woods, Acore
Theme music

Clip of the theme that plays when battling Yggy Woods.

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No—that’s not Whispy Woods! This venerable elder is Yggy Woods, ancient king of trees. Any travelers who stray into his neck of the woods will feel the full force of nature’s wrath!
— VS Yggy Woods Pause Screen description in Kirby Star Allies

Yggy Woods, titled Old-Growth Elder, is a boss in Kirby Star Allies. He has a similar appearance and attack pattern as Whispy Woods, though he is more formidable. Aesthetically, he is made to look older than Whispy; his bark is worn and dark brown, and leaves over his face resemble bushy eyebrows and a mustache. His leaves are an autumnal red, with cherry blossoms blooming among them, and he drops cherries rather than Whispy's usual apples. His name is a reference to Yggdrasil, an ancient and gigantic sacred tree in Norse mythology.

Yggy is first seen in Far-Flung Starlight Heroes, being fought in the Falluna Moon stage after Whispy is defeated. He also appears in the Extra Planet δ stage, in Guest Star ???? Star Allies Go!, and in The Ultimate Choice on the Fiery Showdown, Infernal Crisis, and Soul Melter difficulty levels.


Yggy fights very similar to Whispy, but is tougher and drops poisonous cherries instead of apples. He also drops Blados from his canopy, among other things. On occasion, a golden cherry will drop from him, which gives Kirby the Festival ability once swallowed.

Just like Whispy, if all four allies attack Yggy with Fire or Sizzle attacks at once, he will catch fire and take massive damage.

The following table lists all of Yggy Woods' attacks in Kirby Star Allies.

Yggy Woods' Attacks in Kirby Star Allies  
Attack Description
Cherry Drop Yggy drops four cherries, which can be inhaled and spat back at him. Alongside the cherries are also two Blados, which cannot be inhaled and must be avoided. Both Blados, after touching the ground, roll across it from right-to-left.
Yggy Inhale Yggy attempts to inhale Kirby and his allies. If successful, he will chew on them, then spit them back out. If Kirby and friends outlast the suction for long enough, Yggy will tire out and be left vulnerable to attacks.
Air Bullet In phase 1, Yggy first shoots 2 Air Bullets and then 8 in a row. This leaves Dropped Stars on impact. In phase 2, Yggy shoots 14 Air Bullets in a row, alternating between sides with each bullet if there's at least one ally on both sides of him.
Big Burst Fruits Yggy lets down much larger burning fruits on vines than Whispy Woods does. The vines holding the fruits in place will eventually detach, dropping the fruits on the ground before exploding into pools of flame for a short time. The fruits can be swallowed for the Fire ability. If cooled down using a water, ice or wind-based attack, they yield Food items. In phase 1, three of them are summoned. In phase 2, six of them are summoned, three on each side.
Enemy Drop Yggy shakes out four different enemies from his canopy, which include those that can be made into allies. Two Gordos will always fall while the other two will always consist of either Driblee and Burning Leo, Burning Leo and Jammerjab or Jammerjab and Driblee.
Second phase only  
Great Harvest Cherry Festival Yggy Woods shakes violently, causing many cherries to fall from his canopy. One of these is a golden cherry, which yields the Festival ability when swallowed. Chumbrella can protect anyone beneath it from cherries.
Blado Drop Immediately after the Cherry Festival, Yggy drops 10 Blados from his canopy, five on each side of him. The Blados hit the ground, then move quickly off-stage.
Stomp Jump Yggy uproots and jumps three times around the stage, flattening anyone underneath when he lands. This attack cannot be guarded against, passed through with invincibility frames or even be nullified with the Stone ability.
Attack names listed are taken from Japanese guide books where applicable.

Yggy Woods' attacks occur in this order on loop during phase 1:

  1. Cherry Drop
  2. Yggy Inhale
  3. Air Bullet
  4. Big Burst Fruits
  5. Enemy Drop
  6. Air Bullet

Yggy Woods' attacks occur in this order on loop during phase 2:

  1. Great Harvest Cherry Festival
  2. Blado Drop
  3. Stomp Jump (right, left, middle)
  4. Air Bullet
  5. Big Burst Fruits
  6. Air Bullet
  7. Stomp Jump (left, right, middle)
  8. Big Burst Fruits


  • The boss fight with Whispy Woods right before Yggy Woods on Falluna Moon is reminiscent of the boss fight with Whispy Woods right before Twin Woods in Revenge of Meta Knight from Kirby Super Star.
  • If his health is depleted while he is jumping, Yggy Woods will not actually be defeated until he lands.
  • When fought in Extra Planet δ, Yggy Woods' roaring sound effect at the start of the battle is actually identical to that of Whispy Woods'.



Battle with Yggy Woods in Kirby Star Allies (The Ultimate Choice).

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ユグドラルウッズ
Yugudoraru Uzzu
Yggdral Woods
Traditional Chinese 遠古巨樹
yuán gǔ jù shù
Ancient Woods
Simplified Chinese 远古巨树
yuán gǔ jù shù
Dutch Yggy Woods -
French Yggy Whispy
German Yggy Woods -
Italian Yggy Woods -
Korean 이그드라실 우드
Igeudeurasil Udeu
Yggdrasil Wood
Spanish Yggy Woods -