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Carrot Castle

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Carrot Castle
KaTAM Carrot Castle Room 5.png
Kirby throws a lever with flair in Carrot Castle.
Level Nr. 5
Room count 23
Goal Game count 0
Connected level(s) Rainbow Route
Peppermint Palace
Radish Ruins
Mid-Bosses Phan Phan
Boss Mega Titan
Theme music

Clip of the "Castle/Building Area" theme from Kirby & The Amazing Mirror

Level progression
Mustard Mountain Olive Ocean
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Carrot Castle is the fifth major region of the Mirror World. Exterior portions of the area showcase a mountainous background, pine forests, and several wooden walkways. Several of the exterior Mirror Doors lead to Rainbow Route, with the exception of the top-right most blue brick building's doorway which takes Kirby to Peppermint Palace. The main focus of Carrot Castle takes place in the interior of the large yellow brick castle found in the woods. The entryway has a machine with a lever, and a counterpart in Radish Ruins, which when activated allow passage between the two buildings.

The interior of Carrot Castle has several long passageways and mirrors that warp Kirby to other nearby rooms. Other than the enemies, the primary hazards of the castle are spiked floors, ceilings, and the occasional open pit. At one point, the rooftop is accessed and the tower rooftops cone shape contrasts the Russian architectural dome style visible on the Mirror World map.


Treasures that count towards the %Completed and Collection Room found in Carrot Castle include a Vitality, Yellow Spray Paint, and the Secret Notes.

Enemies, Bosses, and Copy Abilities in Carrot Castle[edit]

Sprite Name Copy Ability
KNiDL Phan Phan sprite.png Phan Phan Throw
Sprite Name Copy Ability
Mega Titan.png Mega Titan N/A


Carrot Castle Area Map
Carrot Castle - HubCarrot Castle - Room 1Carrot Castle - Room 2Carrot Castle - Room 3Carrot Castle - Room 4Carrot Castle - Room 5Carrot Castle - Room 6Carrot Castle - Room 7Carrot Castle - Room 8Carrot Castle - Room 9Carrot Castle - Room 10Carrot Castle - Room 11Carrot Castle - Room 12Carrot Castle - Room 13Carrot Castle - Room 14Carrot Castle - Room 15Carrot Castle - Room 16Carrot Castle - Room 17Carrot Castle - Room 18Carrot Castle - Chest 1Carrot Castle - Chest 2Carrot Castle - WarpRainbow Route - Room 24Rainbow Route - Room 21Rainbow Route - Hub 3Peppermint Palace - Room 1Peppermint Palace - Room 4Radish Ruins - Room 12Carrot Castle - BossCarrot Castle Map.jpg
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Carrot Castle is split into two primary areas, those being the courtyard to the right, and the castle proper to the left. On the left side, Carrot Castle splits into two primary one-way paths, with few connectors between them. Both of these paths can lead to the Boss encounter with Mega Titan. Carrot Castle is bordered to the east by Rainbow Route, to the north by Peppermint Palace and to the south by Radish Ruins. Overall, there are 18 normal rooms, one hub, two Chest rooms (one of which contains the map) and one Warp room.

Carrot Castle is the only area that links to Peppermint Palace, prior to the activation of the hub in that area. One of these links is by way of Warp Star.

Carrot Castle has no Goal rooms.

For a full synopsis of what's in each room, click on any room on the map to head to the corresponding page.


  • Carrot Castle has the least number of Mid-Bosses of any of the major areas of Kirby & The Amazing Mirror; hosting only one Phan Phan. It is also possible to skip this fight, meaning Kirby can 100% this area without ever fighting a mid-boss.
  • Carrot Castle is the only major area of Kirby & The Amazing Mirror which does not have a Goal Game room.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese キャロットキャッスル
Kyarotto Kyassuru
Carrot Castle
French Château Carotte Carrot Castle
German Karotten-kastell Carrot Castle
Italian Castello Carota Carrot Castle
Spanish Castillo Zanahoria Carrot Castle

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