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Water (course)

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Water Top Ride.png
View of the whole Water course from Kirby Air Ride.
Laps (default) 5
Hazard(s) Waterfalls
Ocean waves
Theme Music

Clips of the tracks that play on the Water course.

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This article is about the Top Ride course. For the Copy Ability, see Water. For the environmental feature, see Water (environment).

Water is one of the seven Top Ride courses in Kirby Air Ride. It is a long course set on a stony beach, featuring a wavy track and flowing water that affects the trajectory of racers.


The track display of Water.

Water is the sixth course and features a long wavy track, with tight turns similar to those of the Fire course, but fewer in number and larger. The track runs on a counter-clockwise circuit starting in the bottom-left. The default number of laps needed to complete this course is five.

Water is perhaps the least hazardous of the courses in Top Ride, though the water features do pose a minor challenge to racers. The two rivers that flow through the course do slightly affect racer speed, and if a racer runs into a waterfall, they will be thrown out the other side after spinning around for a moment. Down at the bottom of the course, a series of ocean waves come in and out, which can affect the speed and trajectory of racers passing through.

In Free Run mode, the hazards of Water are disabled. This means that the waterfall cannot be interacted with and the waves do not come in.

Checklist objectives[edit]

The following are all of the checklist objectives that specifically pertain to Water:

Objective Reward Notes
Free Run: WATER Do one lap in under 00:12:00! None
Free Run: WATER Do one lap in under 00:10:50! Unlock Side Camera Angle in game rules
Time Attack: WATER Finish in under 01:06:00! None
Time Attack: WATER Finish in under 00:56:00! Unlock Attack Item Set in game rules
Top Ride: WATER Finish 1st with CPUs set to level 5! None
Top Ride: WATER Finish 1st 5 seconds faster than #2! Unlock Float Islands (theme) in Sound Test This also unlocks this theme as the alternate music for this course.
Top Ride: WATER Finish 5 laps in under 01:02:00! Unlock Top Ride: Water in Sound Test
Top Ride: WATER (No "Zero Items" rule) Take 1st place without using items! None
Top Ride: WATER Race more than 100 laps! None
Top Ride: WATER Take 1st and enter the falls 5 times or more! Unlock Device Quantity in game rules
Top Ride: WATER Take 1st place without using Boost! None
Top Ride: WATER Take 1st place 10 times or more! None



Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Water -
German Water -
Italian Water -
Spanish Water -