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World of Peace - Dream Land

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World of Peace - Dream Land
KSA Dream Land title.jpg
Title card for World of Peace - Dream Land
Normal Stages 5
Extra Stages 1
Boss(es) Whispy Woods, King Dedede
Theme music

Clip of the theme that plays in the level hub.

World order
First world World of Miracles - Planet Popstar
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This article is about the first level of Kirby Star Allies. For Dream Land in a more general context, see Dream Land.
A disaster of catastrophic proportions has occurred in this peaceful land. King Dedede has stolen all of the food for himself! The nerve of that guy! Now Kirby must set out on a grand adventure with a new group of friends.
— Level description in Kirby Star Allies

World of Peace - Dream Land is the first level in Kirby Star Allies. As the name implies, all the stages in this level take place within Dream Land proper. Kirby can access up to six stages in this level, as well as a Dream Palace. Along the way, Kirby will need to fight Whispy Woods and King Dedede. Once the latter is beaten, Kirby can move on to World of Miracles - Planet Popstar.

On occasion, Dyna Blade can be found flying over Castle Dedede on the map and a butterfly that resembles Morpho Knight’s butterfly form can occasionally fly around near Extra Eclair.


For details on each stage individually, click the name of the stage.

Stages in World of Peace - Dream Land  
Stage EX Stage? Unlock Req. Big Switch? Boss(es)/Mid-Boss(es) Notes
Green Gardens No No Mr. Frosty This stage contains a cutscene which shows the player how to make friends.
Donut Dome No Complete Green Gardens. Yes The Big Switch here unlocks the Dream Palace.
Honey Hill No Complete Donut Dome. Yes The Big Switch here unlocks Extra Eclair.
Fruity Forest No Complete Honey Hill. No Whispy Woods A HAL Room can be found.
Clash at Castle Dedede No Complete Fruity Forest. No Bugzzy
King Dedede
Completing this stage unlocks World of Miracles - Planet Popstar.
Extra Eclair Yes Press the Big Switch in Honey Hill. No Bonkers


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese へいわなくに プププランド
Heiwa na kuni Pupupurando
Peaceful Country Dream Land
Traditional Chinese 和平的世界 噗噗噗之國
hé píng de shì jiè pū pū pū zhī guó
Peaceful World Dream Land
Simplified Chinese 和平的世界 噗噗噗之国
hé píng de shì jiè pū pū pū zhī guó
Dutch Vredesrijk - Dream Land Kingdom of Peace - Dream Land
French Havre de paix - Dream Land Haven of peace - Dream Land
German Welt des Friedens - Dream Land World of Peace - Dream Land
Italian Mondo della pace - Dream Land World of Peace - Dream Land
Korean 평화로운 세계 푸푸푸랜드
Pyeonghwaroun Segye Pupupulaendeu
Peaceful World Dream Land
Spanish Tierra de paz - Dream Land Land of Peace - Dream Land