Dangerous Dinner

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Kirby's RtDL Level InfoBox
Dangerous Dinner.png
Screenshot from Kirby's Return to Dream Land.
Level Nr. 7
World Halcandra
Stages 4
Energy Spheres 15
Lor Starcutter Part None
Mid-Bosses Sphere Doomer (all but Boss), Water Galboros (7-1 , 7-3), Super Bonkers (7 - 2), All Other Mid-Bosses (7-3)
Boss Landia
Super Abilities Snow Bowl (7-1), Grand Hammer (7 - 2), Ultra Sword (7-3)
Level Progression
<-- Egg Engines Another Dimension -->
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Level 7: Dangerous Dinner is the seventh level in Kirby's Return to Dream Land. Dangerous Dinner is a level in an active volcano. The boss of this level is Landia. There are fifteen Energy Spheres in this level, five in all stages, excluding the boss level. The game will transition directly into Another Dimension after this level is completed.


Stage 1

Kirby times his progression across a lava pit in Stage 1.

Section 1: The stage begins at the foot of a slope, with a lot of gushing lava and steam in the background. At the top of the hill is a Lanzer which provides the Spear ability. Past him is a pool of lava with a geyser gushing out. A Waddle Doo walks up from the other side, and more enemies wait beyond. Further along, a larger lava field must be traversed, with more geysers interspersed with platforms. Additionally, a Hot Head and some Leafan can be found, as well as a Togekuki. The door to the next section waits past one more long lava field.

Section 2: The door leads to a downward-sloped cave, with a large lava boulder immediately rolling down. Kirby must run to avoid getting squished, passing a Tick and other enemies along the way. If Kirby does not wish to be crushed, he must activate a switch at the bottom to cause the boulder to fall into a pit. A cannon then takes him up to the next slope, where more boulders make chase. This time, Kirby must jump over hot parts of the slope, as well as avoid Foleys and other foes to make this boulder drop as well. From there, more boulders drop from above, breaking through breakable blocks in the process. A key can be picked up in one of the boulders' paths which, if recovered, can unlock a door to an Energy Sphere and a 1Up at the end of the path. Just to the right is the door to the next section.

Section 3: The door leads to another section of cave, with many Flamers lingering within. Up the hill is a chamber with lava below the main floor and a Shotzo firing from a stalactite above. Here, Kirby must fight a Water Galboros while dodging the Shotzo's bullets. Defeating it yields the Water ability and also causes the Shotzo to disappear. Up ahead, a Key can be found in front of a long hot corridor. Using Water is the only way to get the Key across safely to unlock an optional door at the end which leads to an Energy Sphere. The door to the next section is located to the right, above a hot wall.

Section 4: The door leads to another cave, with a thin slope above and a hot slope beneath. A Whippy can be found to the right. Travelling via the hot path is not recommended, even if Kirby still has Water, since the path leads directly into the jaws of a frightening beast known as an Iron Barbar. Further ahead, more Iron Barbar must be dodged as well as a Twister. From there, the hot path actually can be taken to lead to a 1Up if Kirby is brave enough to try. To the right, another Iron Barbar guards an optional door leading to another Energy Sphere. Past that is the door to the next section.

Section 5: The door leads to a cave that slopes upward. Just to the right, a Super Chilly appears which will grant Kirby the Snow Bowl Super Ability. Ahead are some bowling pins made of igneous rock. Knocking them all down in one go opens up a party ball and yields items. Ahead are more bowling pin sections and other enemies to roll over. Despite being super, Kirby can expect to get crushed by some of the hazards if he is not careful. At the top, while in Snowball form, Kirby can plug up a big volcano, causing it to freeze over and then burst, revealing the rift to the alternate dimension.

Alternate Dimension: The rift wall approaches from the right, and Kirby will need to Super Inhale some blocks immediately to force it back so he can progress to the left. Obstacles include Gigatzo, Volttzo and Coldtzo cannons that need to be removed by breaking the blocks they are on. Further in, Kirby must also avoid getting squished by platforms containing these cannons that move when the cannons fire. The next room contains the Sleep and Whip Copy Pedestals, and an Ice Sphere Doomer is fought in a room with a fall-through platform in the middle, where a Gigatzo fires upward. Defeating it yields the last two Energy Spheres in the stage. Once Kirby exits the rift, the stage exit is just to the left of where the volcano once was.

Enemies, Mid-bosses, and Abilities

Regular Enemies Mid-Bosses

Abilities Super Ability

Stage 2

Kirby slides with a large moving rock platform in a subterranean complex in Stage 2.

Section 1: The stage begins in a magmatic vertical shaft, with an elevator leading down. As it descends, so too does the lava ceiling, and enemies from below vie to do Kirby harm. Further down, fire bars must be dodged, as well as the dreaded Search. The elevator slows for a moment at a platoon of Degout, which guard an Energy Sphere. From there, it speeds up again and boulders of igneous rock roll onto the elevator from the walls. At the bottom is a pool of magma with the door to the next section.

Section 2: The door leads to another interior area, with lava walls and large blocks shifting across the floor. A Moonja hops on top of one of them, which can grant Kirby the Ninja ability. A ladder leads down to a lower section, where more blocks must be traversed. At a certain point, there is an optional doorway to an Energy Sphere behind a suspicious-looking wall. Kirby will need to utilize Ninja to get it. At the bottom of the shaft, a never-ending supply of lava blocks slide to the right, across the door to the next section.

Section 3: The door leads to a thin vertical shaft, where a Starman and the Hi-Jump Copy Pedestal can be accessed. As Kirby makes his way upward, he will need to avoid walls closing in on him as he plows through enemies above. Optional paths will open up that yield items, including an Energy Sphere, but are quite dangerous and could cost Kirby a stock. At the top, a cannon will blast Kirby up to the door to the next section.

Section 4: The door leads to a dark cave, with Elecs moving across the platforms ahead. Getting the Spark ability from them will allow Kirby to better see the path ahead. There are devious traps here, including more crushing platforms and that most "deadly" of enemies, the Glunk. One of the platforms carries a Candle, which can be used to further light up the path ahead. Just beyond is a long pool of water, which Kirby will need to carry the Candle across without putting its flame out, which is tough with all the sea creatures in it. If done successfully, Kirby can uncover a Maxim Tomato and a 1Up from some Ice Blocks. The door to the next section is just to the right from there.

Section 5: The door leads to a straight hall going right. Kirby does not have much time to take in his surroundings here, as the ceiling immediately starts to come down and attempt to crush him. Passing many enemies, Kirby will eventually stumble onto a Bomb Nozzle, which he can use to clear the path ahead. After fighting through a great deal of enemies, Kirby can narrowly avoid the ceiling and make it to the door to the next section at the right end of the hall.

Section 6: The door leads to a small room with a ladder going down. In the room are the Hammer and Tornado Copy Pedestals. Down the ladder leads to a chamber where Super Bonkers is fought. If Kirby still has the Bomb Nozzle, he can use it here to good effect. Defeating Super Bonkers grants Kirby the Grand Hammer Super Ability. To the right is a ladder leading down to a room full of big blocks and enemies, which the Grand Hammer can fell in one swoop. To the left, a circuit is visible. Kirby has to hammer with just the right strength to connect the wire and make the circuit overload, clearing his path. Additional obstacles include flaming pipes that can also be smashed, often causing platforms to fall in the process. The path eventually leads to a very large chamber with a big flaming statue in the middle. Kirby must hit all the spewing pipes on it to cause it to sink and reveal the rift to the alternate dimension.

Alternate Dimension: The rift wall pursues Kirby from above as he must make his way down a long vertical shaft full of shifting platforms. Some of the sections below involve swimming through currents as spiky walls approach. Others involve pressing switches to make cave sections move, while avoiding getting caught on the walls. Near the bottom, switches cause walls to move in and then out again at rapid speed, which can easily crush Kirby if he is not careful. The next room contains the Leaf and Sleep Copy Pedestals, and an Ice Sphere Doomer is fought in a room with a floor that sways back and forth. Defeating it yields the last two Energy Spheres of the stage. Once Kirby leaves the rift, the door to the next section is just to the right of where the statue was.

Epilogue: The door leads to a chamber with a few bottomless pits and the stage exit just to the right. A trio of Moonja will attempt to ambush Kirby and his friends here.

Enemies, Mid-bosses, and Abilities

Regular Enemies Mid-Bosses

Abilities Super Ability

Stage 3

Kirby hovers past Fire Orbs and enemies in an eerie open space in Stage 3.

Section 1: The stage begins at the top of a cave, with a cannon aimed downward. It fires Kirby and his friends down to another cannon, which must fire carefully in order avoid getting its cargo crushed by moving walls. At the bottom, two Knuckle Joes stand guard on a platform hanging over a bizarre floating orb of fire. Below are a bunch of Waddle Dees which guard the door to the next section.

Section 2: The door leads to an exterior area. The background has become a nauseating blend of the fiery terrain seen thus far, and elements from the alternate dimension. To the right, Kirby must dodge more fire orbs as they drift across the terrain. Bridges of breakable blocks span over bottomless pits, which the fire orbs will easily plow through. From there, Kirby will have to move past walls of breakable blocks, which the fire orbs also happily destroy. The last wall is broken through to reveal the door to the next section.

Section 3: The door leads to another bridge area, this time with the orbs swaying back and forth. Kirby has to maneuver past them carefully and systematically to avoid colliding with them. Below this bridge, an area can be accessed which leads to an Energy Sphere. Ahead, teetering pillars of boiling rock will fall over if Kirby gets too close, and more fire orbs wait even further in. Just beyond them lies the door to the next section.

Section 4: The door leads to a cave with a floor that moves constantly to the left. Interspersed in the floor are bottomless pits and inlets containing various enemies with Copy Abilities or food items. A chamber in this cave lies ahead where Dubior must be fought, as the floor continues to shift and provide different enemies and food. Defeating Dubior provides the Spark ability, but only if it doesn't fall into one of the pits. Further in, a ceiling inlet can be accessed to get some stars and a Maxim Tomato, but again, the pits must be minded here. To the right, the door to the next section can be found on a separate platform.

Section 5: The door leads to an open area, with sparse platforms and many huge fire orbs. Many Parasol Waddle Dees are encountered here, as well as many other foes. Up ahead, one of the large fire orbs hides an optional doorway that leads to an Energy Sphere. The door to the next section is located just to the right of this orb.

Section 6: The door leads to a vertical shaft with a Prism Shield waiting atop a ceiling barrier. Pressing a switch opens the barrier, and causes the floor to begin rising up. Kirby will need to make use of the Shield to block oncoming enemies from above, including a CarryDee running very quickly to get its Key. From there Kirby must take the Key through the door to the next section.

Section 7: The door leads to another vertical shaft, this time with platforms leading up and fire orbs crossing horizontally. It's a brutal climb to the top with the Key, and one slip up can cause the Key to break, so Kirby must proceed with both speed and caution. If Kirby still has Spark, it will help immensely here. After passing the fire orbs, Kirby must then contend with more Iron Barbar coming out of the ceilings and walls before finally making it to the top, where the Key can unlock a door holding an Energy Sphere. The door to the next section is located just to the right of this chamber.

Section 8: The door leads to a cave with a blockade just to the right, which can be removed with a ceiling switch. A Gigant Edge can be seen patrolling the room beyond, which marks the first time a Mid-Boss has not warped in to fight. Before reaching the room with the Gigant Edge, a ladder takes Kirby up to a small room where a Super Blade Knight appears. Swallowing it gives Kirby the Ultra Sword Super Ability. With this move, Kirby can strike the Gigant Edge down in one hit, which then is dispatched immediately, leaving stars where it dies. Ahead, more hapless Mid-Bosses attempt to get in the way, and are dispatched just as easily. Moundo, two Kibble Blades, three King Doos, two Water Galboros, Bonkers, another Gigant Edge and two Dubiors all fall to Kirby's mighty blade. In addition, a few pillars are also cut in the process, causing platforms to fall. At the top, a volcano, like the one seen during the Snow Bowl segment of Stage 1 appears. Kirby can use Ultra Sword to slice it cleanly in half, revealing a rift to the alternate dimension inside its caldera.

Alternate Dimension: The rift wall pursues Kirby from the left, as Kirby must Super Inhale many giant blocks to proceed, while avoiding more fire orbs. In addition, smaller blocks must be used to aim for switches, while more fire orbs attempt to get in the way. From there, Kirby must swim through some suspended water, while fire orbs pass through it, sizzling in the process. At the end, a switch is activated, causing the walls to fall apart into platforms that must be maneuvered over before they sink into the abyss. In the next room, the Sleep and Water abilities are available on Copy Pedestals, and two Sphere Doomers, one Normal, the other Fire, are fought at the same time in an arena backed by fire orbs. Defeating them yields the last two Energy Spheres of the stage. (and indeed, of the game) Once Kirby leaves the rift, a Warp Star is located to the right of the volcano to take Kirby and his friends upward. It flies through one last volcanic cave, around lava pits and fire orbs, until finally breaking through the top and flying upward to the next section.

Epilogue: Kirby lands in a bowl-shaped area, with the stage exit located on a platform hovering just above it.

Enemies, Mid-bosses, and Abilities

Regular Enemies Mid-Bosses

Abilities Super Ability

Stage 4 (Boss: Landia)

Landia makes its appearance in the caldera of Halcandra's mightiest volcano.

The stage begins on a fiery hillside. Up the hill, five Copy Abilities are available on Pedestals. They are Wing, Leaf, Cutter, Bomb and Ninja. The hill continues up to a dormant caldera, inside of which the door to the boss room lies.

The boss room is situated in a giant caldera full of lava, though the stage itself is a normal floor with no hazards. (though a ball can be seen to the left, possibly a toy of Landia's) Landia appears in the background and roars, then flies into the foreground facing Kirby's group and roars again, beginning the fight. Landia can shoot fire from its mouths for an attack that cannot be inhaled, as well as doing spin-strikes with its wings. It will also attempt to dive across the stage which cannot be ducked under, and fire concentrated streams of fire to cover the ground. Its last attack in this first phase involves it creating gusts of harmful wind with its wings.

Once it is knocked down to half-health, Landia splits into four separate dragons and begins systematically carpet-bombing the ground. It can also charge electricity between its bodies, and will toss large fireballs around. It will also do multiple dives that are hard to avoid. Once defeated, all four dragons fall to the floor, and the level is completed, triggering the game's final(?) cinematic.

Names in Other Languages

A section of the Dangerous Dinner Lobby.
Language Name Meaning
Japanese デンジャラスディナー
Denjarasu Deinā
Dangerous Dinner
Spanish Rocas de Rábano Radish of Rocks
French Terrain Tonitruant Thundering Terrain