Jam Jungle

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Jam Jungle
JamJungle Complete.jpg
The full area map for Jam Jungle.
Level Nr. 4
Stages 7
Treasure Chests 16
Mid-Bosses Box Boxer (4-1), Doc (4-1, 4-3), Spinni (4-2, 4-EX), Bubloo (4-4), Mr. Frosty (4-4), Storo (4-4)
Boss Yadogaine
Level Progression
Cushy Cloud Vocal Volcano
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Jam Jungle is the fourth level of Kirby: Squeak Squad, featuring heavy vegetation and ruins. It also features a mechanical stage that looks remarkably similar to the interior of the Halberd. Its boss is Yadogaine, controlled by Doc.


Each stage is unlocked in succession after clearing the previous one. Defeating Yadogaine is necessary to move on to Vocal Volcano. For more information about a particular stage, click on the link to the stage's page in the table.

Stage Treasure(s) Notes
Stage 1 3 The Bubble Ability Scroll can be found here.
Stage 2 2 A Star Seal can be found here.
Stage 3 3 The Metal Ability Scroll can be found here.
Stage 4 3
Stage 5 1 The Laser Ability Scroll can be found here.
Stage EX 3 Unlocked by collecting the large treasure chest in Stage 4. The Ice Ability Scroll can be found here.
Stage 6 1

Jam Jungle-Boss: Yadogaine[edit]

Kirby keeps ahead of the rampaging Yadogaine.

The stage begins at the top of a ruin stairway. Down the path are bubbles containing the Tornado and Cutter abilities. The door to the boss chamber lies just below.

The chamber itself is an open plain in the ruins. Daroach appears, then orders Yadogaine after Kirby, which is again being piloted by Doc. Kirby will have to keep ahead of Yadogaine as it crawls toward him, and also dodge rubble along the way. Kirby can inhale this rubble and spit it back at the robot to defeat it. One it is destroyed, Kirby can collect the chest and proceed to the next level, Vocal Volcano.

Treasure chests and collectibles[edit]

Picture Name Description
BossBattleBadge.png Boss Battle Badge Collect all for a new mode!