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Gigabyte Grounds - Stage 4

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Gigabyte Grounds - Stage 4
KPR Gigabyte Grounds Stage 4 2.png
Kirby blasts his way through the lab.
Level Gigabyte Grounds
Robobot Armor? Yes
Code Cubes 3
Stickers 4
Rare Sticker Star Rod
Boss(es) C.O.G.S., Core Kabula
Theme music

Clip of the music that primarily plays in Gigabyte Grounds - Stage 4.

Stage order
Gigabyte Grounds - Stage 3 Gigabyte Grounds - Stage 5
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Gigabyte Grounds - Stage 4 is the fourth stage of Gigabyte Grounds. There are three Code Cubes and four stickers in this stage. The rare sticker is one depicting the Star Rod.


This stage takes place in the laboratory. Unlike the others, however, this stage is played mainly with the Jet Mode. Kirby will have to fly his way through several open areas, and then tight spaces, shooting down enemies and obstacles along the way. At the end, Kirby will have to face down another C.O.G.S., though this one has a bit of a surprise. Once this obstacle is overcome, Kirby can reach the stage exit.

Code Cube & Rare Sticker Guide[edit]

  • Code Cube 1 - In the first flying area, this cube can be found guarded by Security Lasers. Kirby can shoot these down to clear the way.
  • Code Cube 2 - In the second flying area, a monitor will display the correct path to reach the cube up ahead, Kirby will need to follow these instructions to get there.
  • Code Cube 3 - In the third flying area, the cube can be found in the floor behind a barrier. Kirby will need to fire backwards at a bomb block to open the barrier and get the cube.
  • Rare Sticker - In the third flying area, Kirby will need to fire at a bomb block wedged inside a small crevice guarded by a Spynum. This will remove a barrier guarding this sticker up ahead.

Enemies, Bosses and Abilities[edit]

Regular Enemies Bosses

Abilities Robobot Armor Modes