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This article is about standard switches seen throughout the Kirby series. For the big switches found in secret areas, see the Big Switch page. For the home console from Nintendo, see Nintendo Switch.
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A small blue Switch from Kirby Star Allies.

A Switch is an object that, when interacted with by Kirby or another character, triggers something to happen elsewhere in the area, usually a gate to open or a blockade to break apart.

Although the larger Big Switch was introduced in Kirby's Adventure, standard switches were not present in the series until Kirby Super Star. The main distinction between the two is that Big Switches unlock things outside of the stages they are found in, while standard switches only trigger something in the same area they are found in.

Switch behavior[edit]

A typical switch is a small round button about the size of Kirby, usually inset in a gold base and with a star insignia. It can be triggered by contact or by being struck with any form of attack or projectile, though it cannot be weighed down by an item in most cases. When triggered, a switch will flatten out (or may disappear entirely). From here, it will either remain triggered indefinitely or it will reset after a particular amount of time depending on the switch and its function.

The primary purpose of a switch is to trigger a gate to either open or close. However, there are other uses for switches, including the following:

  • Creating/destroying a barricade or hazard, similar to a Bomb Block
  • Triggering a floor or wall to move
  • Causing an item or enemy to appear
  • Causing a door or other object to appear
  • Stopping or inverting water currents and wind gusts

Depending on the title, a switch may fall downward when its supporting floor is removed. If it falls into an irretrievable place, Kirby will need to leave the area and return to make it appear again.


A few entries in the Kirby series have featured variants of the standard switches. These include the following:

  • Pull Switch - A switch with a lever that hangs from ceilings. Can only be triggered by pulling the lever.
  • Small rectangular switches can be found in Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble which can be weighed down to cause Blockbots to move, along with other functions.
  • In Kirby Air Ride, there are many panels on the ground which can be triggered by braking on them. These can be used to open up passageways, turn on/off hazards, or shift the course around.
  • In Kirby Mass Attack, switches take on a number of forms, but the most common ones require the Kirbys to slam into them repeatedly to trigger them. Some of these are labeled with the number '10', meaning that all 10 Kirbys are needed to activate them.


Kirby Super Star[edit]

  • Wii U Virtual Console manual bio: "Activate the switch by touching or attacking."


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Interruptor Switch