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Jam Jungle - Stage 2

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Jam Jungle - Stage 2
KSqS Jam Jungle - Stage 2.png
Kirby incinerates a bush in the jungle hallway.
Level Jam Jungle
Mid Boss(es) Spinni
EX Stage? No
Treasure(s) Yellow Spray Paint
Star Seal
Theme music

Clip of the music that primarily plays in Jam Jungle - Stage 2

Stage Order
Stage 1 Stage 3
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Jam Jungle - Stage 2 is the second stage of Jam Jungle in Kirby: Squeak Squad. One of the Star Seals can be found here, which is necessary to open the way to Secret Sea and eventually complete the game.


This stage consists of four main areas. It begins in an overgrown jungle walkway with relatively few obstacles save for some enemies and pitfalls.

The following area is an interior wooden walkway that leads generally upward, though it continuously shifts left and right as it does. A number of different enemies and a few bubbles can be found on this path.

Kirby finds himself in an elevated log pathway, with a number of side-areas accessible by hitting fire blocks to clear the way forward. A treasure chest can be obtained in this way, though Kirby will need to watch out for the Maiga that appear in ambush.

The last area is an open one, where a large chest can be seen atop a wooden platform to the right. As Kirby enters, Spinni appears to try and nab the chest. As it turns out, the platform the chest is nestled on moves quickly back and forth, making it a little trickier to get. Should Spinni get the chest first, care should be taken where Kirby should confront him, as a wrong hit may send the chest flying into an abyss. After the chest is obtained, the stage exit can be found to the right.

Enemies, mid-bosses, and abilities[edit]

Regular Enemies Mid-Bosses

Copy Abilities


Picture Name Description Screenshot
KSqS Spray Paint Yellow Sprite.png Yellow Spray Paint Change your color.
Changes Kirby's color to a yellow body with orange feet and blush, similar to Keeby or the yellow clone of Kirby.
KSqS Jam Jungle - Stage 2, Chest 1.png
KSqS Star Seal Green.png Star Seal Collect them all for a surprise? KSqS Jam Jungle - Stage 2, Chest 2.png