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Resolution Road - Stage 2

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Resolution Road - Stage 2
KPR Resolution Road Stage 2 1.png
Jet gets an upgrade.
Level Resolution Road
Robobot Armor? Yes
Code Cubes 3
Stickers 3
Rare Sticker Fluff
Mid-Bosses Invader Armor
Boss(es) C.O.G.S.
Theme music

Clip of the music that primarily plays in Resolution Road - Stage 2.

Stage order
Resolution Road - Stage 1 Resolution Road - Stage 3
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Resolution Road - Stage 2 is the second stage of Resolution Road. There are three Code Cubes and three stickers in this stage. The rare sticker is one depicting Fluff. The Jet Mode makes its debut here.


The stage begins with Kirby fighting an Invader Armor on the rooftops. After collecting the Robobot Armor, Kirby can then absorb a Capsule J3, activating the Jet Mode, which will be used for the rest of the stage.

Kirby flies through the town and around the buildings, shooting down every foe who gets in the way. At the end of the line, Kirby then has to contend with a huge floating machine named C.O.G.S.. Once this hulking monstrosity is defeated, Kirby crashes his armor, then heads for the stage exit.

Code Cube & Rare Sticker Guide[edit]

  • Code Cube 1 - During the first flying section, this cube can be found down on street level in front of a crosswalk with a Driver Waddle Dee in a bus waiting to go.
  • Code Cube 2 - During the second flying section, Kirby can grab this cube after transferring to the background using a 3D Warp Star.
  • Code Cube 3 - Shortly before leaving the second flying section, this cube can be found in a barrier of metal blocks, which can be shot away.
  • Rare Sticker - During the second flying section, this sticker can be found in a Bomb Block barrier on a left-hand wall. Kirby will need to use the Missile Salvo attack to shoot behind him and get this sticker.

Enemies, Mid-Bosses, Bosses and Abilities[edit]

Regular Enemies Mid-Bosses Bosses

Abilities Robobot Armor Modes